True Discernment Class Begins Saturday, April 18

Once or twice per year Awakening Together offers the opportunity to take True Discernment, an 11-week class that significantly enhances the clarity of those who take it. Now is the opportunity to register, because class begins this coming Saturday!

True Discernment will be offered in Google+ with Nyki Dobson and Jacquelyn Eckert beginning on Saturday, April 18 and running through Saturday, June 27. Class time is from 10am to noon Eastern Time.

The purpose of True Discernment is to help participants become absolutely clear on a number of points including:

  • How ideas about self can hinder and help during the awakening process.
  • How giving meaning produces both time and the sense of self.
  • The usefulness of the following tools: journaling, contemplation, and spiritual aspirations.
  • Inquiry practices that are helpful on the path of awakening.
  • How those inquiry practices expose false beliefs.
  • A primary obstacle that can block the helpfulness of inquiry.
  • The difference between dishonest and proper use of denial.
  • Blocks to absolute love, natural compassion and guiding intuition.
  • How to practice forgiveness, hear/intuit inner wisdom and allow the miracle of grace.
  • The difference between analysis and inquiry, between beliefs and truth, and between purification and repression.

If you are interested in taking this 11-week course starting this coming Saturday,
please contact us now for a link to register.

Class size is limited. Cost is $220.
Workbook and over 30 audios are provided to all class participants.

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