Tips from Regina – Visualization Plan

An example of what I am calling a “visualization plan” is in the audio “The Secret Holy Spirit Style,” which is also part of this week’s homework. Maybe my term, “visualization plan,” is a poor choice of words, but I am pointing to the kind of visualization/contemplation statements that I shared in that audio. Of course, your statements should be developed personally for you. Here is a link to the plan I referred to in that audio:…/TheSecretHolySpiritStyle.pdf

This is the visualization plan that I have come up with for me now. It supports my spiritual aspiration.

Relaxed in Self-certainty, I know where to place attention in every moment including how to think, how to perceive and how to spend my time. I easily focus attention without distraction. I use the mind effectively when it is useful. It rests silently when not in use. I abide in Self-realization, even as the body is engaged in activity. I experience truth as it is, without a second. I am the direct experience of truth.

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