Tips From Regina – Tips for Workbook Lesson 61, I am the light of the world

Here are some things to contemplate as you contemplate today’s workbook lesson:

In our reading from ‘I Am That’ at the last Gentle Healing Group, Nisargadatta pointed to your reality as that which “imparts reality to all it touches.” I said that your reality, awareness/attention, is the light of the world, and I asked you to be aware of that as you contemplate today’s lesson.

Nisargadatta said, “One could say that the true becomes the father of the false.” How do we “impart reality” to the false? With that in mind, how can we accept our “role in salvation” instead of imparting reality to the false?

Can you look during your contemplation periods today and see that you are awareness? Can you see that you are more intimately awareness than the body? More intimately awareness than the mind?

What gives power to a thought and makes it seem meaningful? Can you see that it is your attention that makes a thought seem meaningful?

What causes an emotion like anger or jealousy to become manifest in your body? Can you see that attention on thought creates emotion? Can you see for yourself that your attention is an activating force?

Notice that you have freewill regarding where you place your attention/awareness. Play with that during one or two of your contemplation periods. Place attention on different feelings in your body, on different sounds, and different sights. Notice you are the caster of attention.

What does your freewill regarding attention have to do with salvation? What does freewill regarding attention have to do with “all the images you have made about yourself”? What does your freewill regarding attention have to do with ‘fathering the false’ or realizing truth?

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