Tips From Regina – Tip for Lesson 72, Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation

Today’s workbook lesson says, “the ego is the physical embodiment of [its wish to replace God].” We saw how this “physical embodiment” occurs in the move, “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

First, there is the ego. It is the idea of “me.” The brain as a whole does not have this idea. It collects data from the senses and processes that data without the bias of an idea like “me.” However, because we are attached to the idea of me, we filter through the data the brain collects and processes, and we pay attention to only the very little bit of data that centers around “me.” According to “What the Bleep,” the brain processes 4,000,000,000 bits of data per second and we choose to be aware of only 2,000 bits of that data. That is a very limited perspective!

Secondly, the cells of the body are formed and reformed based on the thoughts we choose to cast our attention on. For example, if I choose to notice whenever people seem to pay more attention to others than to me, I create a “not wanted” self-image. That creates a specific chemical reaction in the body; the FEELING of not being wanted. The cells in my body drink that chemical. It tastes like Kool-Aid (or Tequila) to them, and they want more, so they reform in order to create receptors for more of the “not-wanted” cocktail. Next, they send signals that say, “Hey, give us some more of that not-wanted juice!” We pick up that signal and filter through the data the brain collects in search of “not-wanted.” When we see anything that satisfies that need, we cast attention on it, giving the cells the chemical they desire. Giddy with their addiction, they create even more receptors for that chemical, and the process continues.

The body is literally the physical embodiment of the ego, the idea of “me.” The body reinforces that idea by craving specific chemicals, and we reinforce the body’s cravings with the thoughts and perceptions we decide to cast our attention on.

Obviously, we need to be liberated from this body-me attachment.
Just like any addict, we cannot depend on the addicted self to free us from the addiction. It wants the addiction too badly, even if the addiction is terribly painful. We need to look for help from clarity, which is the non-addicted Self within, the deeper parts of the ocean of our Self.

Today’s workbook lesson is an important part of the process of being liberated from “me” and “the body.” Today we realize the addicted self cannot liberate itself, and we ask the clear Self to help. Specifically we say, “I do not know. Tell me, that I may understand.” In this way we open up to receive the realizations we need to receive in any way our clear Self can find to reach us. That means there are no limits on how this clarity may get our attention. We give it permission to come by any means, and we open ourselves to receive it

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