Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments for Review Lesson 56: (Review lessons 26-30)

Review 26. My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability: What business does one who wants to be immersed in God have thinking about the world? Find the way of living that does not require thinking. It is a path that is right here at your feet now, but all that you think must be let go to see it.

Review 27. Above all else I want to see: This is another way of saying, “Above all else I want to be immersed in truth-awareness.” One who wants to be immersed in truth-awareness must keep God on her mind. A loving, devotional attitude is best. Worship God in every experience. Let the false self be lost in the devotional thought of God.

Review 28. Above all else I want to see differently: When what you see does not shine with true awareness, look to see what your thoughts are. Your attention has strayed from your heart. Your sight witnesses to your attention. Be grateful that the world has awakened you, and bring your attention back to God. Sing a silent song of devotion, and reawaken to your heart.

Review 29. God is in everything I see: Life-intelligence-open-awareness is always present. Reflect on it, and it will be reflected to you. Sing of it, and it will sing to you. Dwell on it. Be with it. Stay with it.

Review 30. God is in everything I see because God is in my mind: Close your eyes for a moment and feel your own heart. Notice your presence as open awareness. Be aware of your silent intelligence. See that you are life. Look within, and see yourself.

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