Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments for Review Lesson 53, Review 11-15


Review 11. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world. When I see with the mind, I am lost in an individualistic illusion that has no meaning at all. When I see with the heart, I am in communication with my true Self. When I am in communication with my true Self, I know my real thoughts. My real thoughts are meaning.

My real thoughts have a different quality than meaningless thoughts.

Meaningless thoughts are stories—maybe that is why they are so entertaining, but I want to remember that when the quality is story, the thought is not true. Story is individual interpretation, based on the scribbles inside the box. Highly individualized, these stories have no meaning at all.

My real thoughts are more like attitudes or a general environment in which everything is seen. My real thoughts include all-is-well (peace), open-embracing-acceptance (love), an inherent sense freedom—a sense of soaring from within (joy), intimacy with everything (oneness), and compassion for anyone who suffers because of belief in the box.

Review 12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world. Whenever I am not at peace, I am believing the box. Remembering this is enough to shift me from belief in the box to my real thoughts.

My real thoughts include compassion for myself, open-embracing-acceptance of what is, and the realization that all is well. By resting in these realizations, I rest in my real thoughts. As I rest in my real thoughts, I remember what is true, because my real thoughts are true.

Review 13. A meaningless world engenders fear. One idea written inside the box is that its stories are meaning. When I believe this idea, I draw a sense of security from the box. I believe that staying in the box is safety. I believe anything outside of the box is dangerous.

I want to overcome this backwards thought. There isn’t safety in the box. The story that is playing now may seem like a good one, but it is fragile. Good can turn to bad in an instant in the box. Look at the box honestly.

Eternal peace-life-love is realized only by abandoning the box.

This is my prayer:

Let me overcome my attraction to the box and realize all-encompassing love for the truth that is known when the box is removed.

Review 14. God did not create a meaningless world. I can have confidence that if I want it, the box will be removed. I can have confidence in that because the box is not true. It remains on my head only because I am holding it there. If I let go, a wind will come and blow the box away.

My job is to learn not to reach for the box, so that the wind can blow it away. I am ready to learn that lesson now. My readiness is demonstrated by consistently letting go of the box.

Review 15. My thoughts are images I have made. I have drawn what’s inside the box by being interested in the box’s drawings. As I stare at the drawings that are already there, the drawings multiply.

I have two choices. I can continue to be fascinated with the box, and the automatic scribbling will continue. Or I can let go of the box and discover the freedom of the endless world outside of the box.

Which choice do I want? Which choice makes sense?

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