Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments for Lesson 58: (Review lessons 36-40)

Review 36. My holiness envelops everything I see. When I sing songs of devotion, the heart’s eyes look out on the world. The heart’s eyes are God’s eyes. They are one and the same. I can see the universe with God’s eyes because God is my truth. When I look with God’s eyes, I see God.

Review 37. My holiness blesses the world. Remembrance blesses the world. The only cause of pain is forgetfulness, so remembrance blesses the world. When I make the little bit of effort that it takes to stay in the heart, my mind is filled with remembrance. Remembrance communicates remembrance. The pain of the world is weakened as I abide in remembrance.

Review 38. There is nothing my holiness cannot do. I need not direct my holiness; it knows the way better than I do. I abide in the heart, remain there, dwell there, and the energy of holiness is released through the power of my willing attention. Holiness set free heals the world. Holiness set free reveals truth.

Review 39. My holiness is my salvation. One who has forgotten the truth is lost. One who abides in the heart is remembering. Remembrance is freedom. Be willing to remember. Sing the songs of the heart.

Review 40. I am blessed as a Son of God. There is unlimited power in the heart of God. That power is life-intelligence-love. That power is my gift, and it is with me now. By keeping my attention with the heart, I keep my attention with this gift. Attention is the energy that unwraps the gift. I live the gift by abiding with it. I give it attention, and I know it is what I am.

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