Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 99, Salvation is my only function here

Let’s simplify today’s lesson:

“Truth and illusions both are equal now, for both have happened. … [This seems true, because the] mind that sees illusions thinks them real. … And yet they are not real, because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate from God.”

The pathway to salvation lies in the paragraph above. The key lies in “the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate…”.

Take a moment to notice your mind, meaning your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what they are. Notice them, whatever they are.

Next, notice what is aware of your thoughts; that is, notice awareness. Can you see that thoughts and awareness are separate? What I mean by that is, you can point (with inner figurative pointing) at thinking and say, “That’s thought,” and you can point at awareness and say, “That’s awareness.” They are different.

Now look at these two, thought and awareness. Which one is you? Which one can you look at and which one is you looking? You can decide to focus on a thought or let it go. Can you do the same with awareness, or is awareness what you are?

Look, and discover these answers for yourself.

Look at all the trouble thoughts conjure up. For example, every murder begins with a thought. Does awareness conjure up any trouble at all?

Look. Discover the answer for yourself.

When we infuse thoughts with attention, we enliven them. You can watch how this happens. Notice how a thought becomes more alive and the story grows deeper as your attention is more engrossed by it.

Is this true for awareness? Is awareness enlivened with attention or is it naturally alive even if you give it no attention?

Look. Find the answer for yourself.

If thought must be enlivened but awareness is naturally alive, which is illusion and which is real?

I said that the pathway to salvation is found in this:

“And yet [illusions] are not real, because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate …”

The pathway to salvation is noticing that mind is separate from you, and you are real but thoughts are not.

Contemplate this tip today. Notice the difference between thought and awareness. Notice which causes all kinds of trouble and suffering, and which is peacefully present. Notice which is you and which is not

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