Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 162, I am as God created me.

There are two sides to the coin of awakening. One is letting go of the false self through self-inquiry, which is questioning the false self in order to recognize that it isn’t you; it is merely attachment to thought. The other is recognizing and embracing the true Self through Self-inquiry, a form of devotion where you repeatedly focus on the true Self until it is your only experience.

Yesterday we focused on self-inquiry by looking at our anger. Today we will focus on Self-inquiry.

The lessons says, “I am as God created me. This single thought, held firmly in the mind, would save the world. …. There is no dream these words will not dispel; no thought of sin and no illusion which the dream contains that will not fade away before their might. They are the trumpet of awakening that sounds around the world. … And those who live and hear this sound will never look on death.”

The single thought that has the power the Course speaks of is not the intellectual idea, ‘I am as God created me.’ It is the realization ‘I am as God created me.’ Today we seek to have many glimpses of this realization. “Holy indeed is he who makes these words his own; arising with them in his mind, recalling them throughout the day, at night bringing them with him as he goes to sleep.”

Take many pauses today to notice life-presence in yourself. Pause and ask yourself, “Do I exist now?” And then relax and notice that you do. Ask, “Am I aware now?” And then relax and notice that you are.

When you have a few minutes for a little deeper practice, sit quietly and notice how much awareness can be aware of at once. Notice that it is aware of sounds ahead of you, behind you and to each side simultaneously. Notice it is aware of sensations in the body. It is aware of thoughts in the mind. Notice it is aware of both the outer world (sights & sounds) and the inner world (sensations and thoughts) simultaneously. And as you notice this, notice you are awareness. You are that which is aware of the outer and inner world. Stay a few moments more, resting as awareness.

If you would like some coaching about how to experience many glimpses of the Self throughout the day, consider watching this 11-minute video by Bentinho Massaro. This is a video that I have shared before, but you may be ready to notice more in it now:

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