Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 159, I give the miracles I have received.

There is an interesting point in today’s workbook lesson. It says, “Receive [miracles] now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away.” This means that miracles already exist in us.

How do we open the storehouse of our mind and access the miracles?

The lesson calls true vision “the miracle in which all miracles are born.” In other words, we open the storehouse of our mind by overlooking illusion and focusing on life-presence.

Focus on life-presence in nature.
Focus on life-presence in people.
Focus on life-presence in yourself.

When we focus on life-presence, we see and experience things differently, and so we also ‘be’ differently. Giving miracles is a natural outcome of true vision and the resulting beingness. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about how we will give miracles. All we have to do is practice true vision. Everything else will happen naturally. (That’s the miracle.)

Note: Awareness-watching-awareness is a method of focusing on life-presence in yourself.

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