Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 157, Into His Presence would I enter now.

If one is to awaken to truth, it is important to let go of concepts, because concepts are not truth.

Today we will let go of our concepts about God. We will let go of the idea of a “Him” who seems different and separate from us. Although these terms will continue to be used, we will realize the truth. God is the life that we are.

Today’s workbook lessons says, “This day is holy, for it ushers in a new experience; a different kind of feeling and awareness. … Today you learn to feel the joy of life.”

Today, stay focused on the thought, “Into His Presence would I enter now,” and let the inner vision teach you to notice and celebrate life. You will see it in yourself. You will see it in others. You will see it in birds, animals and insects. You will see it in trees and plants. You will notice it in the sun, the wind and in rocks and soil and water. “Nothing is needed but today’s idea to light your mind, …” Reflect on today’s idea. Let it show you that you are the joy of life, living within and amongst joy and life, which are one.

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