Tips from Regina ~ Lesson 116 ~ Review of lessons 101 (God’s Will for me is perfect happiness) and 102 (I share God’s Will for happiness for me)

How to Contemplate, continued:

Sometimes we may be asked to contemplate material we do not like. Maybe the material uses words or symbols we do not like. Maybe we don’t have any mental understanding at all, and we feel frustrated about that lack of understanding. Maybe we don’t like the source of the quote. Maybe we have judgments against the person who spoke or wrote the quote, or maybe we have judgments against the text or spiritual path the quote comes from.

Any judgments we have about the material we are contemplating will get in the way of receiving wisdom. If we have any judgments at all about the material, we serve ourselves best by being willing to look at our judgments and let them go.

Grievances block wisdom, and that includes any grievance we may hold against any written word.

Regina’s Personal Contemplation of Lesson 116:

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness. That is my will too. Whenever I am not perfectly happy, it is because I want things to be different than they are. However, since things are as they are, to want it different is merely to believe mental chatter, mental chatter that is coming from a limited personal perspective. The personal point-of-view is darkness. Miracles are seen in light.

I share God’s Will for happiness for me. And miracles are seen in light. Light is open, embracing awareness. Therefore, I will to remain open and accepting of everything as it is. I will follow my inner intuition and not my head. I will allow others to be as they are and love them for what they are, miraculous living freedom. I will see the Regina-life as a temporary adventure and embrace it as the miraculous adventure that it is.

“Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups & its downs, but it is always exciting.” ~ Received from within at age 11 (the night my mom told me she was going to divorce my dad).

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