Tips from Regina – Day 2 with Lesson 44

Yesterday I wrote that “light” and “awareness” are synonymous in Lesson 44. If you read Lesson 44 with this realization, it speaks clearly. For example, the lesson says “light and life must go together, being but different aspects of creation.” In this sentence, “creation” is a term used to mean the ‘totality of reality’. It doesn’t refer to form. It refers to the cumulative aspects of reality, such as life (isness), awareness (light), intelligence (knowledge) and love (embracing-allowance).

In Lesson 44, we are focused on one of those aspects, light (awareness). We are told, “In order to see (true vision), you must recognize that light is within, not without.” In other words, we don’t see by sunlight or light bulb. Seeing isn’t with the eyes at all. We see with awareness. As Michael Langford says in The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss, “Awareness is not thought. Awareness is that which is aware of thought. … Awareness is not emotions. Awareness is that which is aware of emotions. … Awareness is not the objects seen by the eyes. Awareness is that which is aware of the objects seen by the eyes.”

The other day I was taking a shower in Pondicherry, India. While in the bathroom, the electricity went out. That bathroom had no natural light, so when the electricity went out I could not see anything at all. It was as dark as the darkest cave. But I was aware I could not see. The light of awareness was continuous. This is why Lesson 44 says, “An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It is with you always, making vision possible in every circumstance.”

Again, in Lesson 44 we are focused on the aspect of reality known as awareness. Because awareness is an aspect of reality, focusing on awareness is a means of awakening to reality. Therefore, as we practice awareness-watching-awareness as our means of meditation for Lesson 44, we are indeed “attempting something very holy.”

Blessings in your practice today. Love from Pueblo, Colorado

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