This Sunday in the Sanctuary – 2-26-17

This Sunday in the Sanctuary – 2-26-17

Join us this Sunday for our Weekly Gathering with Reverend Kelly Barber

Rev. Kelly Barber’s topic will be “Humility-A Loving Correction for Spiritual Pride”

Looking at the need for genuine humility on the Spiritual Path .

Reading will be “The First Step in Awakening” from The Way of Mastery

Reader will be Melissa Tollinger

Our Weekly gathering is held every Sunday morning at 10:15am ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.  Join us after the Gathering for our Fellowship Hour, hosted by Ken and Rebecca Gibson.

Monthly Movie Discussion Group

TTemple Grandin his month’s movie is Temple Grandin, The film follows Temple Grandin’s life through a series of flashbacks. As a child, Grandin (Danes) is uncommunicative and prone to tantrums and is diagnosed with autism. The medical consensus at that time was that autism is a form of schizophrenia resulting from insufficient maternal affection. Despite recommendations to place her in an institution, Grandin’s mother (Ormond) hires therapists and works to help her daughter adapt to social interaction. 

Our movie discussion group will be this Sunday at 8pm ET/5pm Pacific, so check out Temple Grandin before then and share your insights with us at the movie discussion group.




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