Surrender the Meaning, by Chris Celine

Surrender the Meaning, by Chris Celine

Innocence of God. Perfect, glorious light of creation. This truth within…this truth within that is all that is keeps disappearing from awareness. It comes up in glimpses and many times those glimpses…the instinct is to try to capture it, hold onto it, figure it out. But, it can’t be figured out. In the world, that’s the intention: figure it out. From the time of incarnation, that has been the mantra of the world – figuring it out. Figure out what you want. Figure out how to be safe. Figure out how to walk in this world, when you already are aware from the moment of incarnation that you are not in alignment with your world.

Every beloved carries that deep fear, not even knowing what it’s all for. And the journey truly is to go within and find that innocence, that perfection, that beauty that is complete. That you, the divine, are complete in oneness with everyone and everything. When a Beloved finds the spiritual journey, feels called, answers that call, the split becomes more pronounced. The loyalty to the mind, the loyalty to habit…pulls. And the Truth, the Love…it doesn’t pull. It doesn’t pull because it is. And it is waiting for every beloved to reach down, sink down into that quiet inner place and listen. To listen to the Voice of Love, the Spirit of Love that is wanting to show you the way. But the world way doesn’t listen. It isn’t about listening, it’s about safety and protection of some kind. As you’re learning to listen deeply within, you’re also learning, and unlearning the perceived need for safety, the perceived need to protect and to defend…all through the belief in knowing. The Spirit of Love is calling to relinquish all knowing.

All knowing because the knowing that is held has been produced as a safety defense system. But, Love is calling, calling to the innocence that is within, to the sacred heart that is the center of your being. And, surrendering the mind to God, to Love. No longer wanting to figure things out. The freedom of no longer trying to figure it out is immense. It isn’t immense at first because you’re not geared to it. At first, all the fear comes up of being not safe or being out of control. But, slowly, surely peace begins to be recognized. And, trust captures the Heart. Trusting that only Love /God is real, trusting there is no death, trusting there is no enemy, trusting that there is only innocence. And willing to see and accept everything and everyone through that innocence. In this moment…this is a new day as every moment is new.

This is a new day of learning, a new way of healing. It isn’t new because it’s just been thought up. It’s only new because it’s been rejected so many times. A new way to embrace Love and to reject the fear and reject the pain. In this moment of Love, affirming, there is only one presence here. It is the Life Force of God. And, within this Life Force, we live and move and breathe as one. The universe is all Love. It’s all that exists. This sanctuary is filled with Love, because it is all that exists. To accept this Love and to accept your Self. It is what you are. And the you that believed itself to be separate, the you that was given an identity and developed an identity begins to fade as the Heart expands. There is no sacrifice in Love/God. There is not a giving up of anything that has any Reality. It is this relinquishment of a false identity. And, the universe of Love, and all of the Divine Beings that are temporarily in service of humanity’s remembering…they are your strength, and they carry the truth and hold it for you until quietness is there and you can hear and you want to hear and be guided to the teachings of love in every moment. Every moment.

So, as I sing this hymn, see if there’s a voice that goes with it, feel, feel the invitation, feel the calling. This hymn was received to call Beloveds to the realization of tenderness, the realization of mercy and beauty and grace. And, in that quiet place, the mind put aside, the tenderness of Love, the tenderness of God can be embraced.


I feel your tenderness, I feel your tenderness
I feel your tenderness of your ever loving hand.
I feel your tenderness, I feel your tenderness
I feel the tenderness from deep within.
I feel your mercy Lord, I feel your mercy Lord,
I feel the mercy Lord of your ever loving hand.
I feel your mercy Lord, I feel your mercy Lord,
I feel your mercy Lord from deep within.
I see your beauty Lord, I see your beauty Lord,
I see the beauty Lord of your ever loving hand.
I see your beauty Lord, I see the beauty Lord,
I see the beauty Lord from deep within.
I sense your truth oh Lord, I sense your truth oh Lord,
I sense the truth oh Lord of your ever loving hand.
I sense the truth oh Lord, I sense the truth oh Lord,
I sense the truth oh Lord from deep within.

Only for your Love.
We ask for Love and healing only for the truth.
Divine Mother of all creation we ask to recognize the Truth of Love.
We ask for healing. We ask for transformation in this moment.
And we say YES. To all healing, we say YES.

Only for your Love. Asking for healing, asking for light, asking for awareness. To ask the universe for help is to connect to the awareness that you are not separate. It is a statement even as it is a prayer. It is a statement of fact that you are not separate. And, when you have the faith to ask for help, in whatever form that it takes, that faith expands. It expands your awareness. It expands your devotion. It expands your willingness to stand firm in Truth, so that you can walk in this world in Truth and as Truth. When you walk in this world in Truth, no one really notices. As well they shouldn’t, because they wouldn’t know what they’re seeing.

But, as soon as you begin to offer peace, as soon as you begin to offer gentleness, as soon as you begin to offer kindness from the center of your Heart that is not looking for anything…it is looking to offer peace. Every Beloved recognizes that. They may not consciously recognize it, but it stirs within them and they are transformed by the peace that you offer. The transformation may not appear, it may not be in any way obvious, but it is the seed that has been planted of Love. It has been given without asking anything asked in return. Always. It is freely given because peace and Love and harmony have to be offered. Peace is an offering, gentleness is an offering, kindness is an offering. And it comes from the Heart, but it begins in the mind. It begins in the mind that has no judgment. It begins in the mind that is vibrating with Love and wants just to extend that Love. That is the gift that everyone carries that is willing to remember.

Maybe One Like a Buffalo

Your soul could have chosen a different kind of body,
One that was not nearly as fragile.
One maybe like a Water Buffalo, more suited to fender benders, lawsuits and corporate fights.
Actually, I tried that, your soul, being other things,
but then decided that a form like yours was the best jumping off spot.

A springboard, you could say, for your final somersault into the beyond. [Hafiz]

So, you have chosen this form. Everyone chose this form. But the ego chose that form because it proves you’re separate. It is your evidence of separation. And, the attachment to it has become, through the ego, so entrenched that the Spirit is forgotten. This (pointing to the body) is a means of communication. That’s it. But the Spirit that is within and all around is not limited to this form, not in any way. And, everything is calling you to go beyond the form, go beyond the meaning of the form and of all forms and come home to the truth of love. Is there a difference between having the form of a Water Buffalo and the form that you have – not really. Not really.

You have been in forms, you have been in many, many forms…none of them were the reality of you. And so now it’s being called on again to not attach and give meaning to this temporary identity. Water Buffalo…suited to fender benders…but it seems that even with this human frame, this human form, there’s no limit to the fender benders, there’s no limit to corporate fights and lawsuits. But yet, every beloved is being called to find the way back to Love. So, what is it that keeps everyone struggling? It’s very simple. It’s the simple teaching that you must stop giving meaning to every situation that you enter.

Every single situation, all day long is being reinforced and made “real” with meaning that comes from your past because that’s all the meaning that we can give to anything if we believe our own minds. It’s a leap of faith to refuse to give it meaning, whatever the situation is, and to ask for truth to be in your awareness so that you can learn from that situation, that moment. And you will learn in a way that you can never learn except through the letting go of the meaning. It comes into a manifestation…Truth comes into manifestation when you open that door. That’s the only way that you can have that Truth come to you is letting go of the meaning that you are giving to your world…to your life.

So, what does that look like? I wrote down a prayer. The first words are:

Everything in your experience can be endowed with spiritual Truth by bringing Love and acceptance and forgiveness to it. Everything in your experience can become Love. The Love that is already within can come through into the situation by your choice, by your willingness to be available. You think you understand the meaning of the events that occur in your life. Now, this is a universal teaching: everyone thinks the same. You think that you understand the meaning of events that occur in your life. The instant…instant connection with the meaning…it is so fast, it is so, so right there because it has been developed that there isn’t any time that the mind is not looking for meaning. And coming up with delusional meaning that it already has established…. It’s habit.

It’s a trance. It’s what runs. But how is it possible to step away from this meaning when it’s so ingrained? Everything is given meaning. Absolutely everything. Here are a pair of socks…they have meaning to the mind that looks at those socks and says “I know what that means.” Everything you see you identify it from the past and you give it your own meaning

But it’s all made up. It’s totally fabricated. Yet, every single moment is the opportunity of transformation by surrendering the meaning of whatever it is you think you know.

But, the Spirit of Love, has heard your call for help, has heard your YES, I want to remember, I want to come home, and begins to serve you with teachings, situations. But If you know the meaning of it, then there’s nothing to learn. You know the meaning of it, so you’re satisfied. And, it goes on all day. But, in that feeling of satisfaction from knowing and from having your own reasons and meanings…at the end of the day there’s always fear. It’s fear because the fear that you are feeling is actually the fear from the past because you gave it meaning from the past.

So, there’s a disturbance. Sometimes it’s very quiet. Sometimes it stirs greatly. But there is a healing place here that it is so powerful that it can transform everything that is not the Truth. It can transform it so deeply and so quickly that it will shock you because you will open to Truth and teachings that you didn’t know were possible because you gave everything meaning and you weren’t available for it.

It happens because you impose your own meaning on it. So, how do you keep your own meaning off it? How do you step back from and ask for help? You wish to understand the meaning of what happens in your life stop giving it your own meaning. There is a divine movement that is always showing up. Always. So, how does that look to not give something its own meaning? All day, there is a belief that you know how everything should be. Or you’re frightened because you don’t know how everything should be, but it’s kind of the same place.

I said one day in a teaching, “there’s a pillow on the floor.” And I said, “You gave meaning to that pillow and you identified that that pillow was green, and Spirit is coming to tell you that that pillow is not green, that you don’t know what that is.” Is there a learning there? Yes. Because you get to see more clearly that your belief of the pillow being green is fixed. It’s fixed. It’s determined. You’re not giving it up. And it shows the audacity of the ego of…that it has to be right. That it has to be held that that pillow was green. And it’s disturbing to even to think that it isn’t.

So, this is where the faith and trust comes in, because when you get shook up because the pillow…you’re being told that the pillow isn’t green and you have to accept that somehow or something else about it. It shakes up your, your defense system. But you don’t realize that the things you think you know and the meaning that you give everything is part of a defense system. It’s not a friend that is taking you to a deeper awareness of your Divine Self. It’s holding you in this manifestation, in this temporary illusion…it’s holding you. So, this pillow not being green gives you the opportunity to not be at the effect of your own fear of not being in control. Because the pillow being green and the adamant need for the pillow to be green is about control…fear of being undefended or not having enough defense. And yet, Love/God is calling you to unravel this entire belief system of who and what you think you are. So, can it be simpler than that? Yes, it can!

Someone knocks on the door. Is there a place within you that stops, or do you give it meaning immediately? Either someone’s at the door and the door has to be answered or there’s an irritation because somebody’s at the door and you don’t want to answer it. Either way, it’s a meaning that you’ve given it. Or, there could be ten other meanings, but you’re giving it meaning. Immediately, you give it meaning. And, if you would stop, somebody’s at the door. In this situation, there is a learning here for me. I’m open to it. I’m ready. I’m not going to give it meaning. And you will learn a teaching that you would not have been available for in not attaching a meaning to it.

Everything in your experience can be endowed with spiritual Truth by bringing your Love, acceptance or forgiveness to it. To accept that there is someone at the door and you don’t know what it’s for is to surrender and be available for learning. It breaks the trance and it breaks the “I know and these are my ways and this is how I do things in my identity.” Let the situation be felt fully. Don’t rush to the door, but feel it. Feel it fully and follow it to teach you why it has come into your life. Why has that beloved come to the door? You can go in the old way or you can ignore the door in the old way, but you won’t receive the teaching. The teaching is in everything.

I used an example the other day. I was in a shamanic ritual. And in this, which was many many, many hours…and we were in a yurt and there was a skylight. And the skylight was right above where I was standing and where my place was. And about a half an hour after the ritual started, the sun moved and started coming straight down through the skylight. Everything in me was talking about moving out of the sun that was directly on the top of my head. I stopped and I asked, is this…am I to move or do you want me here? And I was called to stay there for hours with the sun coming down on my head. I went through being annoyed. I went through doubt. I went through feeling like a victim, why me? I kept surrendering. I was supposed to stand there.

What was the lesson that I was there for? One was obedience and trust. But the deep healing that I received was to focus my attention on the Light of Love, the Truth of God, the praise of all creation, and to find that new direction to focus and to no longer be at the effect of the sun coming down on my head. I could have moved. But that instant reaction was the past. And the blessing that I received was a lifetime of learning just in that short amount of time. I learned to focus my attention on love and not on the body in that moment. I learned to trust that I wasn’t being hurt, that I wasn’t a victim, that I wasn’t being unfairly treated.

I learned the lesson because I asked. And this way is the way that cuts through the mind’s constant habits and opens the door to true healing…by learning, by being available to learn. But the first step in it is “I have given this all the meaning that it has and I have to step away from that meaning”, because it’s holding you prisoner of the mind of the ego. It comes into the smallest elements.

All day there’s decisions being made, but there’s no stopping, and it’s the stopping and asking and making a decision in that moment “I don’t know what this is for, I don’t know what this is about”.

If you felt that that fan should be turned off, just a small example, you have already made a decision in your mind based on what you know from the past of what it’s for. But what’s not being realized is it’s not good or bad…it’s what is the teaching? Is it meant to be turned off or is it meant to be left on because there’s a learning there. That’s the key. That stopping and asking, what would be most helpful? What will the learning come from? I don’t know. And it may not be, this is the beauty of oneness, it may not be that the real lesson in it is actually for you. It could be for the Beloved who is sitting next to you. But, we’re in service of all, and when one Beloved learns and is healed, everyone benefits. Everyone is touched by that healing. Everyone. There’s no difference between one healing and another. That’s how much there is in oneness.

Come to the center and ask, how does this situation help me learn the Truth of Love more deeply? How does this situation help me learn the Truth of Love more deeply? It’ll be shown. I wasn’t a rocket scientist standing in line of a ritual. I wasn’t highly intelligent figuring this out. I asked, is this where you want me? I didn’t know the connection between the meaning I had given it and coming into truth. I just knew there was a teaching here that was a gift. I was there in the ritual itself for healing. I was there to learn. I was there to heal. But the idea of the sun coming down through the skylight was bad…was a negative. That’s what has to go, too. This was a blessing. This wasn’t a curse. This was a blessing. I saw it as a curse. I saw it as a curse coming through the window and that was my instant, instant reaction. The instant meaning I gave it was, this isn’t ok…this is bad. Well, I was shown that everything is for healing. Everything.

There’s no good or bad. There’s no right or wrong. So, what happens when you begin to give up and no longer accept that there’s a good and a bad, a better and a worse, more or less? You’re stepping out of duality. You’re stepping out of the split that the world has made of separation, because that’s all duality is. It’s the evidence of separation. And it doesn’t exist.

To accept the healing and ask for the learning is a big leap into healing itself, because you are trading your concept of the world and your story and your identity for the healing manifestation of the Divine. The healing manifestation of the Divine, and it’s a teaching that is very clear, that the Spirit of Love can use everything in this world to teach healing. So, that’s what comes. It comes, and if you can embrace it fully, you can learn so deeply beyond what you would ever consider coming out of some little situation. They all are optimum if they are surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Now, the ego says “I don’t want it. Nope. My habits are sacrosanct. My habits have defended me, protected me. I developed them particularly to be safe and to surrender my meaning is terrifying.” The ego wants you to think it’s terrifying. If you remember the teaching from a few days ago, there is no compromise.

There is no compromise in Truth to illusion. There is no compromise to having a little irritation or a little bit of what you know to counterbalance what you have to let go of. There is no compromise. Not because Love is rigid. Not because Love is mean. Not because Love is attacking. But, because there is only Love. There is only harmony and peace. There is only kindness and gentleness. There is only your undefended heart and your healed mind. And the only thing that is keeping you from recognizing the truth of your inner beauty and your Self, your true Self, is the world that you made.

The false identity that has been held together by meaning. Meaning holds it together completely. You have meaning for everything. You have meaning for your culture, you have meaning for your age, you have meaning for being male or female, you have meaning for every habit that you have. Everybody carries the same, the same meaning. Not the same meaning for each thing, but a whole, a whole flock of meaning. And this is also why there is dissention and difficulty between beloveds, it is the meaning that is brought to each relationship .Because if you give a relationship meaning, if you give another beloved meaning, you are putting the past on them.

You’re not available to see and to be connected to that Divine Spirit. To no longer be willing to give something meaning including a relationship, is to open to the Love of that union, because that union is totally One Heart. But how can you enter into the One Heart undefended when there’s meaning that you placed on the other Beloved? You gave yourself meaning, but you’re giving them meaning, too. And there’s a calling that says, remember, the meaning that you give it is based on fear. It has no other resource. If it’s coming from the past, and where else could it come from, it has to be in fear, because that’s what the past holds. Fear doesn’t always look like fear. Fear looks like the absence of Love. It can look like irritation. It can look like disturbance. It can look like pleasure. It can look like success or satisfaction…all different kinds of elements of emotion, but it’s built out of fear…to let go of the meaning that you have given it. So, I had to read another poem.

Spare the world your good ideas. (comment: only Hafiz would….)
Spare the world your ideas of good until you know that all is perfect,
my teacher once said to me.
Spare the world your ideas of what is right until you know all is Holy.

Spare the world your ideas. It is such a delicious place to not know. There’s no interference with love in the not knowing. The freedom of not knowing allows the Heart to expand because there’s no competition. Just for a moment touch into knowing, something that you know. Then feel its energy. Feel the energy of that knowing. What you’ll discover is that there is tension in it. There’s always tension in it. Knowing has tension, because there’s a defense that goes with it. And allow yourself, just for a moment, to not know…to just BE. That you can breathe, you could BE with an open Heart…nothing is in the way. You can rest. Resting in God says I don’t know anything. I don’t have to know anything because everything is revealed in the perfect time, harmony. Everything is given to you in that open place. You don’t have to have the knowing and it’s keeping you from actually experiencing the truth of defenselessness. When you rest in God, you rest undefended. But when you rest in God, you come empty because there’s nothing to bring.

There’s only Love that is real, and that is your totality. But this is the deep healing avenue that Spirit has opened the door to you because you asked. You just may not have known what you are asking for. But, pull back the meaning. Pull it back when it wants to take charge and realize in that deep humility of Love that you don’t know…no one does. What is most helpful? You don’t know what the healing and the teaching may be if you will leave it be and ask what is the teaching here? And again, the beauty of asking that question is your realization that you’re asking for an answer and your faith is expanding because your faith is accepting that there is an answer, that you will be answered because you are so loved. That you will be answered because there is healing that is being sent to you. This is a schoolroom of love. It is a schoolroom, and the schoolroom is exquisite, absolutely exquisite…every moment. Every Beloved has this precious gift of learning and being available for that learning.

Spare the world your ideas of good until you know all is perfect.

Why would this teacher say this, spare the world your ideas? Now, if someone said that in the world you would probably think it was an insult. Spare me please your ideas. But, this is an offering of love. This teacher is saying to his student, let me show you the way…spare your ideas of good until you’re aware that everything is already perfect. Because it opens the door. Because the ideas are in the way. Because they keep you imprisoned in the past, in an identity that is no longer, even in your own awareness, it’s not as solidly, firmly fixed as it used to be. You question your identity. Thank God. What am I? What am I if I’m not this? Every Beloved is asking that question in some way.

Spare the world your ideas of right until you know that all is Holy.

There’s no right and wrong, there’s only a teaching in the moment of everything. If you have a flat tire, your immediate response is probably many things, crap I don’t know how to change my tire. I’m gonna be late. I thought I’d gotten better tires than that. All kinds of elements, but the only one that has any value to it is there’s a teaching here that I am being offered. I’m available. Show me what this is for. Show me what beliefs are being brought to the light so they can be released. Show me what I believe is occurring.

What old habits, what old beliefs…imagine that as soon as you have a flat tire that immediately what you go to is ahhh, I’m being unfairly treated. It isn’t that you say those words, but the feeling is there. Why me? I took care of that car. Why am I getting a flat? To be unfairly treated is to believe in the world that you made, and to believe that you can be unfairly treated by a flat tire or anything…someone’s words, it doesn’t matter what. You can’t be unfairly treated. It’s not possible. You are the light of God. There is nothing in this universe that can touch your perfection, and there is no harm that can come to anyone. It is not possible because you are not a body and your Spirit cannot be altered. Not possible.

So, that flat tire, that moment, if that belief rises, what an opportunity. And you would have missed it by going to the general consensus of crap, I thought my tires were better than this, crap I don’t have the money to fix the tires. Whatever it is, the opportunity of healing is there. But, it isn’t there with the thoughts coming in unless you say wait a minute, this is an opportunity…just like everything is an opportunity to heal and to see what meaning I have given to it.

Think of all the habits that are going on all the time in your everyday existence. Everybody has them…how you brush your teeth, how you wake up in the morning, how you walk. They’re all habits. They’re all habits. Who made them? Who made all the habits and what were they for? Some of them are just standard issue – brush your teeth. But, if you go deeper even the standard issue – brush your teeth – is not that standard issue. There is a purpose to every movement that everyone makes. There’s a belief that’s running, and the belief that…what, if you don’t brush your teeth.

What if the message was don’t brush your teeth this morning. And all of a sudden you are going like this (puts hand over her mouth). And all you can think about is you didn’t brush your teeth, because the fear has come up that you are your teeth. The fear has come up that somebody is going to judge you for not having brushed your teeth. Even that becomes a place of healing to see what’s being believed and what you think keeps you safe, what you think gives you worth because none of it does. Your worth has no way of being altered. Your worth is the worth of the Divine of the universe. You are the creation of all that is perfect and you are perfect in that creation.

What if you’re walking and you fall down in a thing of water. Is there a lesson there? Absolutely! Of course there is. But, you can choose to have it or you could choose not to. But if you stop giving it the meaning that you already had identified with it, there will be a tremendous place of healing and learning. Does it have be something like dropping into a pile of mud? No. What happens when you’re crossing the street and someone says “go ahead, go ahead of me. I was blocking your way. Go ahead.” What’s the teaching? What is the learning there? Or do you give it meaning immediately…figure it out. And what you begin to recognize as you are letting go of the meaning from the past is that not only are you opening this exquisite door of healing and awareness, but your identity is beginning to unravel because you’re questioning it. You’re questioning the meaning, and your identity is completely connected with the meaning that you give everything because it’s the meaning you give yourself at the same time.

So, you’re loosening from your own identity at the same time because the meaning is not the truth. So, if I give meaning to a situation and it’s that I’m being unfairly treated…flat tire…. Being unfairly treated is an identity that I developed, that I took on. The “I” that took it on believed in that made up illusion that I could be unfairly treated. It was an identity. I wore it. So, you’re healing all at the same time that you’re healing and it’s healing the identity. They’re totally connected. And, it’s your healing that continues to open. That’s when the time here on this earth plane becomes the schoolroom of love. It is no longer a functionary place to get from A to B, but it is the place of learning…the schoolroom of love that you have taken from being in a trance of a false identity to opening the door to all the healing help that the universe is willing to provide. Every moment has healing. Every moment has learning. It’s the blessings of your prayers that bring those opportunities.

What meaning are you giving from moment to moment? Ask the question. Let it become your practice, because without it, it’s a long hard road, when you’re not available for the teachings that Spirit is wanting to bring to you for your transformation. And the more that you’re available, the more your heart opens and the more you realize that you are the Light of Love. And that you never have to worry about having meaning again. There is no limit to the healing and teaching that is available in every moment. Every moment. Who are you with, where are you going, what’s the day for, what’s this moment for, and what is it that you think you know that wouldn’t be so blessedly helped by stopping and asking, what meaning am I giving this? And, what is the healing here that is being offered to me? I want to be aware of it. I want that healing.

That situation with the skylight, you could take that situation and multiply it by 10,000 because that’s how often I went to that place of asking what is this for, and teach me, teach me, teach me. Was anybody else doing that? I have no idea. But, that’s where I was taken was, I want to learn, I want to know the truth here and I want to learn to trust and I want to learn…a word that doesn’t get used very much…obedient. Obedience is not a dirty word. Obedience allows that the ego is not in charge, that I’m following Truth, and in following, I am obedient out of Self-love. To be obedient to Love itself is a blessing.

One with God…where else could I be obedient to? Except the obedience of God is the obedience of love, and it generates itself to everyone and everything. It isn’t about adoration of the Divine, it’s about the realization that the Divine is right here. And that adoration is transmitted and offered to every Beloved not out of obligation, not out of pity or rescue or anything else but out of pure Love. I must Love. I must Love with all of my Heart, because the Divine has said YES, Love with all of your Heart. And Love is healing. It is a loving offering to be in the schoolroom of love. It is a loving offering. It is the greatest gift that you can give to humanity because you’re helping heal all of the meaning that everyone is carrying with your own healing.

Begin by praying and actually just asking, I want to be in the schoolroom of love and I want to recognize the lessons that are sent to me because they are not a danger, they are the blessing, the blessing of Love. Accept them gladly. Ask for them gladly. Show the way.

(Pointing to the ceiling) If that fan needed to come off, turned off, because someone has a meaning that it should be turned off…stop. Stop and ask, is it really a healing or is this just the meaning that you’ve given it? Have you asked and surrendered this? If the fan is on and let’s say there’s a slight breeze with it and somebody wants the fan off…. Is that most helpful for them? That’s really the question. Will this serve their remembering? Nothing is as it seems. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s turning on a light, it’s everything. Patience is learned through ways that are not expected. Generosity is learned through ways that are not expected. But they come through forms of manifestation where they can be learned and that is the key.

Spare the world your good ideas until you know that all is Holy. And all is a gift of learning. Moment to moment. All Love. All Truth.

Chris Celine © 2016

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