Sunday’s New Sanctuary Schedule

Today the Awakening Together Sanctuary will open at 9:15am ET (6:15am Pacific), and our first program begins at 9:30am ET.
Here’s a peek at the new Sunday schedule:
All Times are Eastern Time

9:30 AM: ACIM Meditation – Karen Worth

10:00 AM: Music

10:15 AM: Weekly Gathering

11:30 AM: Weekly Fellowship

12:30 PM: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey – Barbara Deurwaarder

1:30 PM: Experience Your Perfect Soul –  Kathy Smith

2:30 PM: NTI Luke Study Group – Hank Hamilton & Rubye Nasser

3:30 PM: Contemplation Out Loud – Kerry Palm

4:00 PM: Spiritual DJ – Ron Clark

4:30 PM: Description of Miracle Journeys – Dr. Sorah and Larry Dubitsky

5:00 PM One Breath at a Time To Grow Connected – Phil Kroeck

6:00 PM Organic Soul Searcher – Chris Leigh

7:00 PM Seven Steps to Awakening – Regina Dawn Akers

8:00 PM Special Program Each Week
This Week: Getting to Know Phil Kroeck

9:00 PM Common Ground Mini-Series
This Week: Why Wait for Heaven? – Craig Villarrubia

10:00 PM: Daily Contemplation – Larry Lawhorn

10:30 PM: The Ten Derivatives of a Singularity – Rev. Devan Divine

Link to the full schedule

The Awakening Together Sanctuary is located in Paltalk under Education, Other.

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