Please Welcome Rev. Sherry Daves to our Board of Directors

Our Member Board of Trustees and Board of Directors have nominated and elected Rev. Sherry Daves to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is our senior board, which overseas the operation of the Member Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors is also responsible for approving Policies & Procedures, for hiring employees and for Awakening Together’s Budget.

Sherry Daves

Sherry’s journey on the path to remembering her connection to Spirit within began with ACIM in 1999; however, like the story is told so many times, that book got shelved for about ten years when she couldn’t wrap her head around it intellectually. When the book came back into her life again, this time it spoke directly to the heart and spurred a life-long passion and commitment to depth of knowing the inner Divine. Yoga practice, the study of NTI and other Eastern spiritual philosophies have helped deepen her spiritual commitment. She has been a practicing attorney for 25 years, with most of that time dedicated to financial reorganizations and, more recently, assisting nonprofits and grant-writing. She has assisted in organizing spiritual retreats and has been an Awakening Together ordained minister since 2016.

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