Our Sunday Gathering with Reverend Jacquelyn Eckert – 8-28-16

Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert’s topic Jacquelynwas: “Taking Stock: Spiritually Speaking”.

Rev. Jacquelyn discussed how we sometimes need to stop and take stock of both the habits we engage in and our intentions to determine whether our experience aligns with our motives.  She read us an article on Taking a Spiritual Assessment of our lives:

It is not too late to take stock of our lives, even in the last weeks and days of terminal illness. And for those of us in the midst of life, in the apparent safety and security of our health, it is not too early. No matter how much time we have left to live, the answers to the following questions, voiced in the quiet honesty of our own hearts, provide direction to the rest of our living.

The reader was Lisa Hester. She read from NTI Philippians. The reading is linked here.

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