Magdi’s conversations with seekers, #1

Magdi’s conversations with seekers, #1

Magdi will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing two conversations he has had with seekers. Here is the first conversation:

Friend: Thank you Magdi for conscious connection, greetings from the Gold Coast.

M: Lovely to connect with you…

Friend: And you my friend, love your posts, I am a Joel Goldsmith student

M: Joel is wonderful… a new discovery for me… He speaks from the divine place of the heart.

Friend: Realizing who I am and that life is but a DREAM.

M: Life can be such a sweet dream. Full of beauty, love and happiness…. and play-full

Friend: Yes absolutely. I have so much still to be aware of, remembering there is no human beings only God Being

M: You got it… remove these old dark lenses and the beauty shines…

Friend: Yes God is, nothing else is real. I’m getting it. Sounds like your consciousness is very pure already.

M: Yes, God is! and God is everything … I have been blessed by the divine… Grateful to share and explore with dear friends who love the truth.

Friend: Wow, that’s wonderful always open to Grace’s guidance and truth

M: As you remain open to Grace, Grace graces you with its guidance. Leads you to your True Nature, that is free and happy. It can be as simple as that… Open to receive the divine message … In this openness, we can hear. The mind is still, and the heart wide open.

Friend: I sense you are to explore something with me but not quite clear, had Huge challenge over time that I have had to not believe. Yes I just so love God and to see the perfection of everyone who may not know it.

M: There are no coincidences for those who are on the path with their gaze set onto the truth. Loving God… God loves you tenfold. She is quite a lover, you know. She adores loving…. In ignorance we love the me character and me-stories… In ignorance we turn away from God and only give her lip service… Patiently, she waits for us to recognize her and turn our attention to her.

Friend: Yes that is the awareness to realize.

M: There is no higher realization that the realization of the universality and reality of Consciousness. That is the divine revelation, no matter how one puts it.

Friend: It is. I just want to sit with God all day and forget the world.

M: First, you forget the world and remember God in the absence of the world. And then you remember God in the presence of the world… after all, the world is God’s creation.
First, you negate the me and the world and you realize you are divine consciousness in the absence of the world. Then you realize you are divine consciousness in the presence of the world. The divine establishment is in the absence as well as in the presence of the world.

Friend: Yes I’m opening up to this.

M: The screen is unaffected by whatever images and whatever forms it takes… Water remains water whether it is ice or steam.

Friend: About 2 years ago, I heard deep within the word, “every need is met within me”.

M: That is a divine message. A peak in the divine nature that you are. An invitation.

Friend: Yes that is the message to take to others, I think.

M: Only when the fruit is ripe is it sweet.

Friend: The kingdom of God is within. So I am a work in progress,

M: The blossoming of the kingdom of God dissolves all distinctions and reveals the reality, eternity and infinity of Consciousness.

Friend: So you and I are One so open to that realization now. Too easy.

M: When the world no longer moves you … when no thought, no perception and no sensation gets you unhappy… the realization is established … It is the complete dissolution of the separation at the mind and at the body level. When ignorance is completely removed out of the system, God reveals herself in her full glory and gives you a seat in the Kingdom.

Friend: Yes that’s the shift I am going through.

M: That is your heart’s deepest desire. Remain on the Holy path…

Friend: No other desire only this yes. It’s been very hairy.

M: The screen is untouched by whatever arises on it. The sky remains infinite even when a tornado passes by.

Friend: The journey that is has been very difficult.

M: The weather does not affect consciousness. Where is the journey this very instant? Only a thought. Presence does not travel. Sometimes difficult dreams are part of the reminder for us to wake up…

Friend: Yes I know now it was all unreal. Im so grateful.

M: When we follow the me-illusion that is seeking happiness in the world, God tells us that is not the path. When we do not listen, she pinches us… Then if we continue to ignore her, she pinches a bit harder… Then… we may listen… or not.

Friend: Yes how true.

M: The wise listen. They pay attention and discriminate between the beliefs that the ‘me’ is where it is at and Consciousness.

Friend: I so hope I don’t go off track I only want to live God’s will.

M: Slowly they realize that the ‘me’ is a belief that has also become a me-feeling … the belief that consciousness is contained in a body mind is a virus that they start to investigate. Love the truth and God will provide you with her guidance. Keep company with good friends who are God lovers.

Friend: Yes I will and to stay connected to truth and love, I am so grateful for your wisdom.

M: Much love to you.

Friend: Yes much love to you Magdi, my brother in God, thank you so much, will connect again soon,

M: Anytime.

(Taken from Magdi Em Be Facebook page)

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