Letting Go of Blame – Satsang by Chris Celine

Letting Go of Blame – Satsang by Chris Celine

Barbara Deurwaarder has transcribed Chris Celine’s Satsang, Letting Go of Blame.

Here is an excerpt from this Satsang:

Blame keeps the sad game going. You can keep blame in your back pocket, ready to pull it out like an identity card when you believe it’s necessary. But it’s a game that you’re playing. It’s a game that needs to be recognized for what it is because it keeps the sad game going. It will keep you imprisoned in your own slavery to your own identity. In the world it feels actually somewhat delicious…to blame, because to blame and to judge has a distortion of a sense of power. Your righteousness feeds you in blaming and in being right. Blame feeds the separate self and feeds the righteousness of separation. It feeds that insanity that you really do know. And that sense of knowing gives you a sense of…it’s a distortion…but the ego makes it feel like power. There’s a certain power that comes from…it’s not real power because it has no value. But it feels like power.

… And in the belief that it’s real to you, you suffer with it, not making the connection of where the suffering is coming from. But the suffering is coming from the refusal to let go of blame. The refusal to let go of being righteous…that righteous indignation of being right about what you think you know, about what everybody has done and what everybody seemingly continues to do. When you believe that the past is the problem and you believe that the past is where all your pain comes from rather than it’s coming from your own mind and your own belief of the past that you made…. What happens is that you keep making the same story again and again and again and again and everybody disappoints you and everybody turns against you and everybody is suspiciously held and everybody is right on the edge of betraying you.

… When you believe in blame, you believe in separation. And there’s no healing possible there until you’re ready to truly surrender all the ideas of wrongdoing, of being unfairly treated, of blaming for anything, of believing the past and the goals that you gave to everyone. And, all the roles you’re giving to everyone now. It doesn’t matter what shape or form they take, you have to let go of the roles that you’ve given to them, so that you can let go of the roles that you’ve given to yourself, because it’s all the same. It’s all the pain and the suffering.

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