How to Enter Our Online Sanctuary

You can access the Online Awakening Together Sanctuary through PalTalk on your computer or mobile device. Here’s how:
Quick Start Guide for the PC
Quick Start Guide for the Mac
Quick Start Guide for the I-Phone

We highly recommend using one of the Quick Start Guides above.

If we do not have a Quick Start Guide for your device, following these instructions or follow the instructions below for mobile devices:

1. Go to

2. Select your device from the list of products.

3. Download the free software and follow the steps indicated during the download to register as a user with PalTalk. When you register, please use your name as the Nickname or create a Nickname that closely resembles your name so others can easily identify you.

4. Depending your the device, you will launch PalTalk and find the Awakening Together Sanctuary differently. Look for a Search box in your application. Type Awakening Together Sanctuary in that box in order to find our Sanctuary.

Note: The Awakening Together Sanctuary only appears in Paltalk when it is open. See our schedule.

Click here for more information about our Sanctuary.

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Access the Online Awakening Together Sanctuary with a Mobile Device

You can access our gathering room from almost anywhere using one of PalTalk’s mobile apps.

1. Download the PalTalk app that works for your mobile device. For more information, visit PalTalk Mobile.

2. Open the app on your device.

3. Login

4. Using the Search box provided, search for Awakening Together Sanctuary.

6. Select the room from the Search results.