How to Enter the Sanctuary

Access the Online Awakening Together Sanctuary through PalTalk
on your computer or mobile device

Quick Start Guide for the PC
Quick Start Guide for the I-Phone

If you would like to access the gathering room through PalTalk’s software, take these steps:
(Special note for Mac users at the bottom of the page.)

1. Go to

2. Download the free software and follow the steps indicated during the download to register as a user with PalTalk. When you register, please use your name as the Nickname or create a Nickname that closely resembles your name so others can easily identify you. Remember to note the password you create. Also it is best to use your most active email address.

3. Once you have downloaded the software and registered, PalTalk Messenger will be added to the list of software on your computer. Start PalTalk Messenger.

4. Login to PalTalk using your Nickname and password.

5. In the Rooms List window, scroll down to click Education, then Other.

6. On the right side of the screen, double-click on Awakening Together Sanctuary Home. This will bring you into the Sanctuary. Click here for more information about our Sanctuary.

Note: The Sanctuary only appears in Paltalk when it is open. See our schedule.

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Special Instructions for Mac Users

There is a new app for Paltalk on the Mac.  Go to this link to download it.

Some Mac users experience difficulty using PalTalk from their computer.
There are three ways to run Windows on your Mac, then you can access PalTalk through Windows on the Mac.
If this interests you, consider the following solutions and pick the one that is best for you:
Apple Bootcamp,
VMWare Fusion

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Access the Online Awakening Together Sanctuary with a Mobile app

You can access our gathering room from almost anywhere using one of PalTalk’s mobile apps.

1. Download the PalTalk app that works for your mobile device. For more information, visit PalTalk Mobile.

2. Open the app on your device.

3. Login

4. From the Home screen, tap the Categories/Menu icon. The location and appearance of this icon will vary based on the device.

5. Using the Search box provided in the Categories/Menu list, search for Awakening Together Sanctuary Home.

6. Select the room from the Search results.