Important Schedule Changes For Movie Watcher’s Group and Regina Dawn Akers Mini-Series

Schedule change for Sunday, June 25:

  • 7:00pm –  8:00pm        Seven Steps to Awakening – Rev Regina Dawn Akers
  • 8:00pm –  8:30pm        Audio Recording (see below for info on Movie Watcher’s Group)
  • 8:30pm 10:00 pm      Common Ground Mini-Series – The Ellie Roozdar Interview: Looking Again One Year Later –                                                 Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

This month’s Movie, Little Buddha, has been assigned as part of the Consistent Gentle Healing Group Homework. Therefore, we will discuss the movie as part of our sharing in next week’s Gentle Healing Group on June 27 at 8:00 pm ET (5 pm PT).

Note that Regina’s Mini-Series will begin 1/2 hour earlier this Sunday!

Movie Watcher’s Discussion Group will go back to its regular schedule next month, on Sunday, July 23, when we will discuss the movie LUCY.



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