Gentle Healing Group with Regina Dawn Akers – 1-24-17

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Regina Dawn Akers guides a group of committed students who would like to make consistent, gentle progress toward genuine peace, joy and love. This group meets weekly and all members are committed to specific assignments and practices between group meetings.

Everyone who is willing to make a commitment to healing/awakening is invited to join this group.

From tonight’s sharing:

1.  Homework Assignment A: ACIM Workbook Lessons 15-21

a.     Note: Lesson 20 asks us to repeat the lesson to ourselves twice per hour, preferably on the half-hour. One can set an alarm to remind one’s self, but it is generally better if one remembers because of the desire to remember. Recommend ending each 30-minute practice with a heart-felt intention to remember again in 30 minutes. Whenever you notice that you forgot, remind yourself how important this is to you and begin again in that moment.

2.  Homework Assignment B: Read NTI Ephesians (p. 339-347)

3.  Homework Assignment C: Listen to Alan Watts, “The Spiritual Journey as the Self,” which you will find in the Gentle Healing Playlist. Take notes on what seems relevant and helpful to you. If you discover something that you can put into practice, begin to apply it immediately. Here is the link:

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