Gentle Healing Group with Regina Dawn Akers – 1-17-17

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Regina Dawn Akers guides a group of committed students who would like to make consistent, gentle progress toward genuine peace, joy and love. This group meets weekly and all members are committed to specific assignments and practices between group meetings.

Everyone who is willing to make a commitment to healing/awakening is invited to join this group.

From tonight’s sharing: 

1.     Homework Assignment A:  ACIM Workbook Lessons 8-14

Journaling recommendation: Journal about your reaction to the lessons, not to solve or fix anything, but simply to bring thoughts, judgments, and resistance into awareness where it can be observed and made available for resting.

2.     Homework Assignment B: Watch the following YouTube Video from the Gentle Healing Playlist – The Miracle of Experience by Rupert Spira. As you listen, take notes on what seems relevant and helpful to you. If you discover something that you can put into practice, begin to apply it immediately.
3.     Homework Assignment C: Read NTI Romans Chapters 1-7 (p261-270.)

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