Gentle Healing Group with Regina Dawn Akers – 1-10-17

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Regina Dawn Akers guides a group of committed students who would like to make consistent, gentle progress toward genuine peace, joy and love. This group meets weekly and all members are committed to specific assignments and practices between group meetings.

Everyone who is willing to make a commitment to healing/awakening is invited to join this group.

From tonight’s sharing: 

Ground rules:

1: Honesty

2: It’s always about ME

3: No advice giving, let people have their experience

4: to take the mic, do the homework assignments for that week.

5: Keep a homework journal.

6: Follow your own guidance for your personal journey.


assignment for the week:

 ACIM Workbook lessons 1 thru 7. For each lesson, upon rising, First read the entire lesson, then go back and do it again. Tomorrow, 1-11-17, do lesson 1.  On 1-12-17 do lesson 2 and so forth for the next seven days.

 Lessons 1 through 3. Add hearing and feeling to the lessons

 Notice what is coming up for you when you do the lessons, and journal.

 Read NTI ~ Luke Chapters 12, 16, 17. Pages 151-155, and pages 161-167

ground rules for reading: read a little each day, slowly and contemplatively, journal whatever you are led to while doing the reading. If there is a bible icon at the beginning of verse, it is suggested that you also read the verse from the bible

 you tube video ~ Adyashanti on the concept of Spiritual Awakening (also in the Awakening Together Channel – Gentle Healing playlist)

Facebook groups: ask regina

Facebook group: sharing in contemplation together

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