Ellie Roozdar Recording – Awakening Together Sanctuary

Ellie Roozdar Recording – Awakening Together Sanctuary

Ellie Roozdar was born and raised in Iran and moved to the US in 1979.   Since childhood, she was seeing herself as a vision, which was not associated with the body at all. The question was arising “Who am I?” This was never answered and it was in her heart for a long time.

Then she began to experience herself as Self.   A long time meditator she began to have deep  experiences by going within, meditating and discovering the Truth. The Truth reveals itself to itself by itself.

She would like to share this experience with you.

“Meditation, points into what is eternal here and now. The Truth reveals itself in the midst of the silence. Although I have had some deep esoteric experiences, however; that is not truly require, for the Truth to reveal itself to itself. Truth is witnessing the silence. The silence and peace is the reflection of the Truth and not the Truth itself. The Truth is one that which can’t be negated. It is always here in the midst of thoughts or no thoughts. It is here before, during and after each experience. As simple as this….”

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