Developing Trust Interview – Cindy Renard

Developing Trust Interview – Cindy Renard

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Cindy Lora is an innovative and extraordinary talent blending an eclectic mix of Visionary/New Age, Alternative Pop and meditative sounds with contemporary beats to create a unique style. Her sultry vocals, creative lyrics, and primal rhythms produce a state of mind which takes the listener to higher places where courage, wisdom, and passion can transform.

Born into a family of teachers and musicians and raised in the Midwest, Cindy was exposed to music early in life. As she developed herself emotionally and spiritually, her musical talents matured with her. Cindy is also a pianist and graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Music. She has also completed her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and uses her music and degrees as a “healing” tool to help others transform their consciousness into the “higher” octaves of life. She is currently accepting clients for Spiritual Counseling, and is available for phone sessions. Her touring schedule with her husband, Gary Renard, is extensive, including performances all over the world, where Cindy participates in her husband’s workshops, singing, guiding meditations, and occasional speaking.

Her eclectic CD, “Summer And Smoke,” reveals Cindy as a true Visionary Artist. Her second CD, “Journey Through Sound”, is for relaxation, and explores the use of sound and chant. The CD “Near The Beginning” was a collaboration with her husband, Gary, and includes a mix of some of their favorite popular songs as well as two original songs. Cindy’s latest CD, which was also a collaboration with her husband, is called “Meditations For Couples: Awakening to Love’s Presence Through Partnership”, and encourages couples to reach their full potential in partnership through the process of an inner journey. Cindy’s visionary lyrical style combined with her spiritual nature provides an unforgettable musical and healing experience. As we enter an age where the old paradigms are challenged to allow new ones to flourish, Cindy’s music is right at the leading edge, acting as a bridge to take us into this new way of living. For those who feel drawn to this vision, please join her in an inspiring journey!

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