Death to Knowing, by Chris Celine

Death to Knowing, by Chris Celine

Unchangeable…perfection of God. The Truth of your unchangeable nature, your Divine Self, is the journey of remembering. You’re coming home to your unchangeable, divine Self. And, as this divine being in its perfection is completely unchangeable from its perfection, even while that acceptance brings the yes through faith. This is the Truth. At the same time, you’re being called to surrender all that is seemingly temporary, because everything that is unchangeable within you, the Truth of you, has no relationship with anything temporary. It’s an infinite, permanent, eternal state of Love. And that Love is hiding within the temporary form of limitation, which is completely run by the belief in death…the belief in time.

As each Beloved walks in the journey of remembering, every day, every moment, is a choice between the permanent…infinite Truth of your Divine existence, your Divine Self and the choice of that Truth or the choice of the temporary identity that has been made from the belief in separation. To believe and accept the made up self leaves you in a nightmare that has absolutely no resemblance to the divine Truth. And the thought becomes “how could this be; that it has no resemblance. Haven’t I had any influence on my own self?” Well, the “I” that is asking the question believes in an identity that is by its very nature living in the belief of being flawed, of being wounded or damaged or needing repair of some kind. And the Divine Truth of your exquisite true Self is in need of no repair…in need of nothing, because it is perfection, whole and complete as the reflection of God.

The delusional self that has been carried through lifetimes has its own agenda, and its agenda is to prove that it is right, that it is completely in the realm of making sense. The self-made identity overrides in its determination…It overrides the Truth and continues to want to prove its worth. And instead…Insanely giving the false identity the permission to prove its worth, which has no value, and it can never be proven because it’s not the truth, and putting all of that attention and intention to proving the worth of something that is without value is the main delay to return to Love. It’s just a delay and it’s been delayed through all lifetimes. But there is also, besides the delay, all the trying to prove of worth of a false identity is the main culprit of pain and suffering. It’s where the pain and suffering survives and lives.

All of Love is calling to no longer give loyalty to a false identity. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime has been spent in protection and in defense. And there is no redeeming value to that defense. Imagine your life, never needing to defend anything. That you would completely be at rest in the beautiful confidence of God’s Will, that there would be nothing within you that could evoke anything to defend. And finally that the I disappears into the Totality of Love/God.

In the beautiful teaching that speaks to turning the other cheek…this teaching has been interpreted through perception of the ego that has made a declaration of its weakness, of its cowardice and made up judgment. In the Reality of Love, to turn the other cheek is to say there is no power in conflict. There is no power in disturbance. There is no power in the belief of problems. I can turn the other cheek because it means nothing. There’s nothing to defend and nothing to judge. Nothing to protect. No harm can be made. And the Divine is freed. In all of the different ways that there might be perception of defense…imagine having words thrown at you that are supposed to annihilate…and they are rejected and dropped away because there is nothing to defend, nothing to bring honor to or prove. The perfection of Love cannot and will never be proven. And then, behind that dropping away of defense is all the Joy! The permanent state of Joy that you truly are has no reason not to bubble through. Where is the Joy of that natural state? It’s in hiding, because the ego is constantly saying it’s dangerous out here. There’s lots to worry about out here. And so joy is asleep because it’s being held back. And, it must have the “YES” to come forward. It must be invited. It must be wanted.

All joy, all peace, all harmony, all resting is in being undefended…completely. What would not be joyous in being undefended? In finding out that the kingdom that you thought you made out of an identity first reveals itself as not a kingdom but a prison. And then in the spiritual journey you actually discover that the door was never locked. And you can choose to leave your wild imaginings and your self-made kingdom in any moment. In this choice you leave everything that was made in the lifetimes of the belief of separation…all of them stay in the cell. And, you walk through the door happily naked, joyously naked, and ready to live…ready to completely Love because you are all Love. Undefended, because there is no enemy, there is no death, because there is nothing to know, only Love.

And this moment of Love…the willingness to affirm, consciously in this moment that the universe is all Love. All that exists, all that is true is all Love. And in this moment, the willingness to accept and affirm, that this Sanctuary is filled with Love. And nothing else can have any sense of reality except the Truth of Love. The acceptance in this moment that there is within , the Life Force of God, and that Life Force is your true life, your eternal existence, your Divine Spirit, the truth of your true Self. It’s a fact. The fact of love. Acceptance of freedom.

In that light…singing, praying, is priming the Heart for the joy to be released. The acceptance of sacred teachings, and the willingness to be transformed by sacred teachings, by the Light; the Power of God that brings the sacred teachings into manifestation. Releasing and returning truly, to the Source of your existence. Returning only in your own awareness because you’ve never left. You’ve been on a journey without distance to a place you never actually left. And then, the nightmare ends and the Truth awakens.

[sings] Returning to the source is the healing of the Heart.
Returning to the source is where the healing starts.
Releasing all the pain is the way to reach your Heart.
I’m opening myself for the healing here to start.
Returning to the source is the way to find your home.
The way is bright and clear if you trust you’re not alone.
Releasing all the past is the way to find your star.

It will guide you, it will lead you to the source of all you are.

There is nothing that God, the Source of all Love, will not give to you. The power of God will give you every Truth, every bit of strength, the courage…all the doors are opened in your willingness and in your wanting. “I’m opening myself for the healing here to start.” That is the YES of the every day. “Every day I’m here for healing, I’m here for remembering, I’m here, ready to return.”

“On the path of light, all divine beings
Open our hearts so that we can learn to be love.
On the path of truth, everyone is called to pay attention
So that we can all be together so we can praise in the Truth of Love itself.

Let us all surrender to the heart of our Blessed Mother.
In each moment is a moment of humility,
The willingness to embrace forgiveness
And of offering charity of Love itself.

Let us all keep moving in this moment of Truth,
Following the Light of Love, the teachings of Love
And to firm ourselves in charity.

Let us follow the Truth, only the Truth.
All of us united. Let us sing and dance
So the Divine will materialize.

Let us all go, walking on this path
With all Divine Beings, following and living,
With faith in our hearts, following the ways
That all Divine Beings have brought.

Oh, my Divine Mother, you are the comfort. You give me love and faith and health
In this moment and in every moment.”

On the path of Truth, every Beloved walks with all Beloveds.

“Dropping keys”

The small man builds cages for everyone he knows.
While the sage, the teacher, the master
Has to duck his head while the moon is low,
And keeps dropping keys all night long
For the beautiful, rowdy prisoners.” [Hafiz]

There is the ego’s small man that builds cages for everyone. That is the way of separation, that each one builds a cage for those that they consider to be familiar and separate. Every time there is a belief of separation, every time there is identification with knowing, there is actually that wish to build another cage. The element of knowing that is the most restrictive is that everyone’s knowing is exclusive to each beloved. There’s no truth in illusions. There’s no truth in knowing. So each Beloved has their own made-up diverse story of knowing. But, with every knowing, there has to be a lie that is projected. So, if you know, then whoever is there as the projection must not know or there wouldn’t be a reason to know. There has to be a division. The ego can look like it’s looking for allies of agreement, but the agreement can only be in your own knowing. No one is looking for an ally to be in “other’s” knowing, everyone is looking for an ally to be in your own knowing. And, this is where all the pain lives.

True healing comes from true correction. And what is it that’s possible that could be corrected or needs correction except knowing? It’s really what stands in the way of the correction. But there really wouldn’t be a need for correction, if there wasn’t already a whole identity with knowing. And what Love is calling you to is that when you cease to confuse interpretation with truth/fact you’re available for Love’s healing. The same thing – interpretation instead of fact – is the same thing as illusion instead of Truth. Interpretation has to come from information…experience and information that has been gathered within the world of illusion and it’s an amazing storehouse of information. Having walked through one hundred lifetimes, or a hundred thousand lifetimes…there’s a lot of lies/knowing that is gathered. And yet, God is calling everyone to stop confusing interpretation with fact, opinions with Truth.

What is the alternative to knowing? It’s just being. The fear shows itself as the fear of dementia, the fear of Alzheimer’s. What would I be without being able to function in my mind with my own knowing? God will never leave you without, but the knower wants to know what that means. What do you mean you’re never going leave me without…you’re leaving me without a mind or a brain…or what? But until you actually enter and say “yes, take me wherever,” you won’t be able to taste the brilliance of being. And that’s you as the Eternal I am. That’s your Divine Self waiting to be surrender and be met with Joy.

There’s a test for peace. You can test yourself in any situation if it’s a possibility of opening for peace or if it’s in the direction of being disturbed and un-peaceful. In every situation if you react or want your way to be right even in a subtle, subtle way just by believing that you need to be right and something is wrong and you want to be right…in that place, you’re affirming the illusion, because in that moment you have this divine opportunity of turning toward the Power of Truth. A fact. And it is waiting for you to surrender your reaction, surrender your perceptions and ask to see the Truth. Ask these questions honestly: How do I feel? Am I at Peace? What do I think I know? Am I willing and asking to be guided in Truth? Am I a little willing to surrender all reactions and judgments about being right?

You now accept and surrender to Love’s Truth that all personal knowing is the making of pain and suffering. It may not be right in that moment that you recognize it as painful because the ego is diligent enough to give you a little boost of being “high” that you’re right, but it is always temporary and does not bring you peace and quickly returns to a place of feeling separation from Love.

To ask in any situation…; this is what makes the everyday so rich with learning, because all day long, every day, you have all of this opportunity, this school room, to make a choice. So, I wrote down a question, “What is your reaction to any situation?” Is there enough Faith/Trust within you to question your reactions? Nobody else is going to question your reactions. But when you want to come home to Joy, when you want to come home to Harmony and Peace, and, you want to walk out of that jail cell and recognize that the door is open, then the question, the inquiry, becomes loving. It is your gift to yourself that you would question, “what is your reaction?” Is it anger, irritation, disturbance? And, only when you’re willing to not know can you proclaim Truth. When you’ve surrendered any reaction that you have to anything…. Imagine that Love looks so upside down from what you think it is within the world. So, within the world you have believed that eventually knowing is going to bring you to love…you believe that you’re honing an identity and a way of being, and it’s going to bring you to Love eventually. But, actually when you ask the question: “What am I believing in?” “What am I reacting to?” “What do I think I know?” That’s actually the Love that is coming through because it’s the truth of who you are, that actually questions.

I asked a question yesterday, “What if you never had anything to give as advice or knowing to anyone again? What if you had no knowing that you think you would have known about?” That you could be with any beloved and choose to put them into the Hands of God, and ask for God’s guidance to be of service, but not to know anything personally. And, that you would have already stepped back, because God was leading. And you have absolutely no care, no energy to have anybody know what it was you thought you knew. Or, what if you were praying for remembering, and you prayed so deeply that Holy Spirit showed up. And, as the Holy Spirit shows up, you recognize that God is right there. And the Holy Spirit says “What is it that you’re wanting?” And your heart says, “I want to come home. I want to walk through the door, and I want to be free.” The Holy Spirit says, “Perfect. Just put everything that you know into this basket over here that’s going to be part of a burning ceremony later. Put everything…every identity you’ve had, every idea that you think you know, every talent that you think you have, every habit that you have developed because you think it is the way.”

Imagine that you no longer have the capacity to tie a bow, because you had an idea that you believed you knew the right way to tie a bow, and, now, it’s in the basket. And you have nothing to tell anyone about anything. Do you hesitate to put everything in the basket, or do you gladly just take it all and put it in the basket? Okay. That hesitation, which is everybody’s hesitation more than likely, is the hesitation that is in the everyday, because every day, as you ask for guidance and “I don’t know what’s most helpful”…that’s what you’re choosing. You’re choosing shedding. It becomes so delicious to not know. You have known that you thought you were separate, and that’s all you’re letting go of. That’s all the different ways that you have believed you are separate, and you’re not.

I brought this (a book) because I was called to read something that I wrote in healing. It doesn’t make sense in its layout because it was just love that was stirring. “There is nothing to plan.” This was my basket. I cannot have tools and plans to work with. I cannot. I surrender all ideas of working. Anything that is not love. I do not and I cannot work with illusion. I cannot. All I have to do is say YES. Be YES. YES, YES, YES, YES. No swords, no battle. Only illusion battles illusion. There cannot be a battle in Love. I am the child of God and I do will there be Light. I don’t know! There are no forces to be protected from. There is no darkness. There is no evil. God is only Love and there is no evil in God. There is no evil in you. Everything else does not exist…only Love.” (Pause)

This is just everything that starts going into the basket. It doesn’t matter that you don’t fill the basket up right away. But, it’s that willingness that…finally recognizing where the pain is coming from. It’s coming from the mind that believes it knows, and it’s unloving and hateful. And, it has no intention of communion. Its main purpose is to prove worth and to control. But, it’s all fear…it’s all been honed to keep you basically in terror.

There’s a relationship with entitlement, which seems really strange. Entitlement is part of the knowing. It’s an entitlement that says I have more to offer. I have more/ better ideas. I have better solutions. I have more. And that entitlement says, I have to make everyone do it my way. But, in Truth, it’s all fabricated. The real secret belief from behind, because there’s all these layers of illusion, and one of the layers of illusion says “I have worked at this. I have worked to be the one who knows. And, I should be listened to.” And, others should be following what you believe. This is where all wars come from. I think I’m right. You have to follow what I think I know. And if you don’t, there is resentment or separation of some kind. That’s what wars are based on. And this is about no longer believing that war has any Truth. No facts, just illusion. The illusion of pain.

If you wake up in the morning and you declare, because you want to be at peace, you want to be at joy, that “today I will judge nothing.” Just for today…I will judge nothing. I will judge nothing. I will have no opinions. I will not allow any conclusions or assessments. I will judge nothing. Because everything I am at war with is in my own mind. There never was anyone out there that was the problem. It was just my knowing. That’s all. And, that’s where the pain is. Why does it always bring anger or resentment or irritation, because that wanting to be right also believes in guilt, believes that guilt has value, that when you’re not right…when others are not right, they deserve to be guilty. All of it is all fabricated. The teacher, the sage, the master is dropping keys because there’s no point to this. There’s nothing to know.

You see somebody who is following a way that they feel called to, and there’s an urge within that wants to say what’s wrong with what they’re doing. Instead of the realization that no one knows…no one knows what anyone’s journey needs to look like at all. What they need to walk through for their own learning. When there is no knowing, there’s no more worry. There’s no more fear out of being not in control. And there is this beautiful resting place that opens that has absolutely no concern about anyone’s journey or the belief that you know what their journey should be, because they’re both painful. It’s both just two sides of the coin. And, what a place of freedom, that is to not know what any one’s journey needs to look like. That you have the power to put into the Hands of God every situation, every Beloved…and then, you rest. You rest in that Love because they’re in the Hands of God. How could they be more graced? How could they receive more blessings than to be put in the Hands of God? To have your loyalty, your service, your offering of holding and giving everyone you know into the Hands of God is the great gift of Love. Because, if you don’t put them into the hands of God, you’re basically saying no…I’m in charge. Let’s leave God out of this. They don’t need to be in the Hands of God. I know what they need. I know what they’re about. I know what it’s for. And, that’s where all the fear is. To take that leap of faith to put them into the Hands of God. Everyone. It’s an offering of Love. It’s actually…it’s what the Beloved who came as Jesus…it was his demonstration. He judged no one. Even in the acting out in the crucifixion, he judged no one. And, he gave them all to God. He blessed each Beloved that was so filled with rage and anger and fear. And he poured his compassion and he gave them to God. And he reveled in their perfection. He reveled in their innocence. And he didn’t know anything of their identity or anything else. He saw them as the innocence of God and he gave them to God. And, that is the teaching…that everyone teaches, but what is it that is being taught? Is it I’m right and I know the right way of this and that and this and that? Or, I don’t know anything? I don’t know what’s best for anyone and I don’t know what their journey needs to look like.

How can I have an opinion? I don’t know what this journey needs to look like. And, in that exquisite humility, the joy begins to come bubbling through, because, without the knowing, there’s no defense. There’s nothing to defend! And, you’re no longer putting value on beliefs that have no value. You’re returning to the Source, because you’ve let go of the knowing. The knowing is not just the blatant knowing of things, it’s the belief that there are differences, and that what you have developed is somehow going to keep you safe. But, in actuality, your safety is in being undefended. Nothing that you’ve known is where your safety is. It’s actually in the not knowing…it’s actually in being undefended, which, are together. To be undefended is to not know. When you’re in a defense of anything or anybody is defending something, what would they be defending except what they think they know?

Love is calling you to no longer be the slave to good and bad, right and wrong, and light and dark. When you give your allegiance to right and wrong and good and bad and light and dark, you are giving your allegiance to illusion. So, no one can be right and no one can be wrong. Everyone is learning, and you don’t know what their journey needs to look like. And you don’t know what yours need to look like either. And in that is the joy of surrender. And in that is the Joy of being guided. That you have at your beck and call a Being of Love that has been assigned to you through every lifetime as you’ve walked in the belief of separation. You have had a divine guide… a spirit guide if you want to call it…an angel…it doesn’t matter what category you put it in, it’s a guide that only can give you Truth. The guide cannot join you in knowing. It only brings Truth, which is why most Beloveds resist guidance, because the knowing is so tempting. But the more that you open to guidance, the lighter your heart becomes, and the more confident you become in being undefended because you’re no longer so worried about outcome. You’re beginning to truly trust that it’s in the Hands of God because you’re following the guidance that’s most helpful. You are now choosing the way of Love because Love is pointing the way for you.

When your guide whispers to you “don’t worry,” this isn’t a friendly reminder, this is a correction couched in Love, but still a correction. Really, “don’t worry.” There’s nothing in worry that has any Truth. So, just hearing the voice of guidance saying “don’t worry” is the blessing of the universe. When you hear the voice of guidance that says “don’t speak,” this is also a blessing. It means, “listen, pay attention, learn.” Learn because that’s why you’re here on this earth plane. Learning the Truth of Love. When you are resistant to something and you have decided already that you don’t want to go someplace, for example, then your guide says “go,” do you listen to your dislike, your “no,” or do you go? That’s the learning of faith and the learning of trust in the guides that have been sent to you. Your ego has had an opinion about not wanting to go to whatever this going is, and, that’s the habit, is to follow the likes or dislikes that are personal opinions. But, your guide is saying “go.” And this is exactly what you have been praying for is to open to the realms of Love that will make the journey so much easier. But it’s not going to align with the ego. It’s not. Not in any way! …that’s why it’s so helpful to voluntarily surrender the belief in likes and dislikes, because they are a false state of opinions, levels and degrees that the ego has developed. And, when guidance begins to say to you go or don’t go…Love wants to lead you because you’ve been praying for that, the resistance is going to come from the ego that says I had another idea, and I know.

There is a terrific, immense freedom that begins to emerge into your awareness, as you let go of knowing. And, the most amazing thing about knowing is that it has so many layers that you start letting go of knowing and it just keeps opening. “Wow, I really thought I knew a lot.” I mean centuries of opinions, history, stories, identities, laws, agreements, cultures…all that I’ve carried in the belief of knowing. And, everybody’s carried them. But, they’re the misery makers, because the illusion…the ego has no other intention except fear, misery, separation. There’s a place in learning of Love that is the acceptance of being ignorant. And, when you come against this realization that you really see that your whole idea of everything is ignorant, it’s a leap of faith, because you’ve spent…I spent, lifetimes, but certainly this early lifetime honing at least a decent identity. And, that’s where being undefended begins to open. Not to defend that production of an identity, not to defend it anymore, and to realize that it’s just the ignorance, not stupidity, but the ignorance of Truth.

And that Love is wanting to offer you the Truth constantly…constantly. To live in that honesty, to live in the gentleness, to live as kindness, to live as forgiveness itself. To trust in the power of God to hold you in every moment; to lead you in every moment. And, that you’re ready to walk out of that cell, out of the kingdom that you thought you made. And, to truly recognize the keys that are being dropped all night for the rowdy prisoners that we have all been. The prisoners are rowdy because they’re screaming I KNOW, and battling with each other to be the knower. And all you have to do is drop the stuff into the basket of what you thought you knew. And you will never miss it. That’s the great surprise. There won’t be any crying. There won’t be sense of loss. You won’t be bereft of anything, because as you drop everything into that basket of your old identity, you’re meeting your Divine Self. You’re meeting the glory, the perfection, the innocence of the perfect child. Not a child because you stay in an identified child body or anything, but a child because every day is new, because every moment is innocent, and there’s nothing to achieve. You are everything…completely.

Do you believe that you teach? Do you believe that you are teaching through the guidance of Love? Because that is what is calling to you-to let your Heart open, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…for the love to express itself. But in that love, there is no person, there is no pay off for the illusion at all. Only love. And, all of the personal attachment has disappeared, and it’s only Love. And you welcome the keys that open the door, and you welcome the basket to toss everything into. Even if it’s like taking a shower and everyday a little more skin comes off…throw it in the basket, and be happy that there’s a basket to throw it in, not because you need the basket, because the righteous way of remembering is by letting go of what you thought you knew. There is no judgment day. There is no judgment of you as what have you done right and what have you done wrong and how long did it take you to remember, and how many side trips did you take, and how arrogant were you, and how self-involved were you, and how angry were you? Anything else…no, none of it. You forgive yourself for the pain that you caused yourself, and it disappears because it was a mistake. It wasn’t true. You remain the Love of God.

I’ve been reading this prayer, so I’m going to read it again, starting with:

Do you believe in what you know?
If everything you think that you’ve made of your talents and ambitions,
And even the personality self were made in arrogance,
Do you believe you can decide what’s truly helpful?
How do you know what’s truly helpful, if your ego mind is devoted to arrogance?
When true humbleness dawns, you can no longer tolerate doing or speaking anything
Unless, it is obviously coming from the alignment with Spirit.
It is only the Spirit’s use of words and deeds that are truly helpful.

The Holy Spirit will use your voice and actions for what is truly helpful as you surrender. Yet, in order to use our voice and actions, everything must be given of yourselves. Everything must go into the basket. This is very humbling…your true helpfulness is under the direction of the Light of the Christ, and this is the experience of complete Joy, because you are returning to your natural state, your true state, your beautiful, complete Light.

Accept the Will of God in true humility and all you think you made will disappear.
And love will take the place of self-deception. 
We lay aside the arrogance, which proclaims that we are damaged, guilty, afraid,
And we lift our hearts in true humility in surrender to our immaculate true Selves.

The power of your YES is in your surrender. We lay aside anything that proclaims that we are damaged, guilty, or afraid, because none of them are true. You are the Light, you are the Way, you are the innocence that has no knowing that needs to interfere. It’s just being Love, resting in Love, as One.

Chris Celine © 2015

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