Awakening Together Weekly Gathering – 1/29/17

Awakening Together Weekly Gathering – 1/29/17

Reverend David “Dov” Fishman’s topic was Purpose, Trust, Truth, Love & the Core Values”

When we  are willing to go beyond the concepts these words point to..we experience they are all the same. They do not exist separate from us, they are us. They Are All One as We Are All One, only appearing separate and different. For the function of love is one.
Teach only love for that is What You Are.Trust we all share the same purpose, to remember truth is Oneness.

Lyn Johnson was the Reader, Reading from ACIM Lesson 181 / I trust my brothers, who are one with me 

Barbara Deurwaarder was our Sanctuary Administrator.  Lyn Johnson was our Music Director

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