When Will the Trustee Election Results Be Communicated?

According to our bylaws:

“Voting shall close fourteen days prior to the regular or special election meeting. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes up to the number of Trustees to be elected shall be eligible to serve on the board. Results of the election shall be published to the current Member Board at the election meeting and provided to the membership immediately thereafter.”

In other words, the results of the election will be shared with the Member Board of Trustees at their next meeting on July 17. I will notify the nominees regarding the results immediately following the meeting. I will share the results with members as part of the Daily Update email the next morning, on July 18.

A total of 61 members participated by voting in this election. I totaled the votes and provided them to Barbara Deurwaarder, our Secretary of the Board of Directors, who verified the results. Although the results were very close, two new members have been elected to the Member Board of Trustees. I look forward to sharing more information with you on July 17.

~ Regina Dawn Akers, President-Minister

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