What’s Happening – Sunday Jan. 1, 2017 – In The Awakening Together Sanctuary

All Times are Eastern Standard Time

How to Enter the Sanctuary: http://awakening-together.org/interact/gathering-room-how-do-i-access-the-room/

Awakening Together Internet Broadcast: http://awakening-together.org/info-about-our-gathering-room/listen-live/

9:30am – Sunday Meditation – Rev. Karen Worth
10:15am – Weekly Gathering – Rev. Gloria Wells
11:30am – Weekly Fellowship – Revs Ken & Rebecca Gibson
12:30pm – Reflections on a Spiritual Journey – Barbara Deurwaarder
1:30pm – Experience Your Perfect Soul – Kathy Smith
2:30pm – Selected Studies In Truth- Rev Hank Hamilton
3:30pm – Contemplation Out Loud – Kerry Palm
4:00pm – Uncharted Territory – Rev. Rebecca Gibson
4:30pm – Description of Miracle Journeys – Dr. Sorahand Larry Dubitsky
5:00pm – One Breath at a Time To Grow Connected – Phil Kroeck
6:00pm – Cate’s Hour of Miracles – Cate Grieves
7:00pm – Seven Steps to Awakening – Rev Regina Dawn Akers
8:00pm – Sanctuary Speaker Spotlight – Rev. Rebecca Gibson – Signs and Guides
9:00pm – Movie Discussion Group
10:00pm – Contemplation Circle – Larry Lawhorn


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