Welcome Our Three New Trustees!

The Member Board of Trustees is very happy to announce the results of Awakening Together’s 2015 Summer Election. The three members who were elected to the Member Board of Trustees are:

Carrie & Klinger

Carrie Christiansen

Carrie Christiansen was born Quaker and raised in a family with a focus on humanitarian activism. Many traditions and teachers have influenced her in this life. Her consciously committed spiritual journey began in the early 90s when motivated by a “dark night of the soul,” she decided to study ACIM, which her mother had given her 2 years earlier. Horses have been her lifelong interest and vocation. Carrie is an Interfaith minister, a Religious Science Practitioner and is active in prison ministry. She also does healing work for humans and animals in the Shamanic tradition. She is an Awakening Together Licensed Minster.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sonja Spahn

Sonja Spahn is a joyful servant of Awakening. Introduced to ACIM after the death of her husband, she joined with mighty companions who followed the same path and absolutely nothing has been the same since! They joined in dedication to enjoy serious discipleship of spiritual teachings such as The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), The Teachings of Inner Ramana, The Way of Mastery and the teachings of Joel Goldsmith. Educated as a journalist, Sonja is most happy when sharing the messages of Awakening.   She has facilitated an ACIM group for many years; the current group meets via conference call early each morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gloria Wells

Gloria Wells brings an open heart, empty hands and agape love to Awakening Together with great willingness to be of service to the one true Self appearing as many. Gloria’s journey of awakening has been fortified by the sacred teachings of ACIM and NTI. She is an Awakening Together Licensed Minister.

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