Welcome Myron Jones to the Board of Directors

Please join the Board of Directors and Member Board of Trustees in welcoming Myron Jones to the Board of Directors.

Myron was nominated to the Board of Directors by the Member Board of Trustees on July 7, 2014. She was elected to the Board of Directors by the Board of Directors on July 14, 2014. We are thrilled to have Myron join us on the Boards of Awakening Together.

Myron Jones

Rev Myron Jones, a Pathways of Light ordained minister has been studying A  Course in Miracles since 1981. In 1999, she felt a calling to the ministry. She also began to dedicate herself fully to the healing of her mind through the study of the Course, and later to NTI, and The Teachings of Inner Ramana, all of which are still part of her spiritual path. Rev Myron delights in facilitating ministerial students, providing spiritual counseling, and giving workshops. Her deepest satisfaction comes from writing with Spirit each morning and sharing with others what comes through.


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