Weekly Gathering, 8/24/2014

Weekly Gathering, 8/24/2014

In the World But Not Of the World

Rev. Regina Dawn Akers, Ordained Minister, shares a living example of accepting everything as it is without interference while simultaneously abiding only as the Self.

Songs played during the service were…”Awakening” by Jim Brickman, “Heaven” by Jessica Lurie and “Lady Lavender” by Denise Hagan.

The reader for today’s service is Francine Wright – reading from the story of Perumal Swami and Ramana Maharshi.

Link to the story of Perumal Swami

Barbara Deurwaarder, serves as the Admin.

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Note: New MPP classes begin in September. If interested, register now. (During the gathering, Regina mistakenly said the classes would be held on Thursdays. The dates given were correct, but those dates fall on Wednesday of each week. Also, now classes have been added on Tuesday evenings too! Check out this link for updated information.)

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