Weekly Gathering, 8/17/2014

Weekly Gathering, 8/17/2014

There are NO accidents in God’s Plan for Salvation

Rev. Dov Fishman, Ordained Minister, speaks on the process of purification & The Gravity of our Thoughts. The synchronicity of life as the trusting of the perfect arrangement of our lessons in forgiveness. “The longer I hold it the heavier it becomes” speaks of the effect that occurs when I hold onto anything other than love. The importance of dropping our judgements open us to tHe light, the holiness, the perfect vision immerges as the dust is cleared from my sight. THis purification is the necessary path before we can truly see people as innocent. Remember that these opportunities to practice forgiveness are devine appointments to release our blocks and experience love.

The reader for today’s service is Suzanne Fishman – reading from the book “Lesson 101: Perfect Happiness” by Jon Mundy, also reading form ACIM Chapter 6: Perfect Vision

Barbara Deurwaarder, serves as the Admin.

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