Weekly Gathering – 3/13/16

Weekly Gathering – 3/13/16

Rev. Jay McCormick is a founding member of Awakening Together.  Jay is our minister for this Sunday’s Gathering in the Awakening Together Sanctuary at 10:15 EST.

Topic: “Why Hide When You Can Go Inside”
Reader: Rev. Hank Hamilton – Reading: Pathway #30 p80 “Subtle Mystery” from “The Sufi Way of Life” by Neil Donald Klotz
Sometimes we can feel resistance to going inside. Sometimes we can choose to hide in our intellect, our habits, our means of escape, and the experience thought loop. These distractions are all means that we temporarily use to pull away from the subtle call to go within, to go inside, to go to the place of peace that is within our being. In this gathering we will explore some ways in which we typically hide and emphasize our innate ability to contemplate the inner mystery. We will discuss how we can move with ease past our desire to hide, through the fog and into the heart of being, into the home of our soul, into where truth resides.

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