Weekly Gathering – 2/21/16

Weekly Gathering – 2/21/16

Reverend Jay McCormick speaks on : “The Keys to Spiritual Growth”
Every day is an opportunity for transformation. Remember that there is a voice from above that comes to us and everyone in our life is a mirror and we serve as mirrors for everyone else. Trusting the creator gives us the greatest power as we are assisted by the Divine. This is a key through all of our human trials and tests of purification. As we repent from our habits, we clean the barn and continue to take the next step, never being satisfied, until the Self is fully let go.

Reader: Joanne Schnieder –  Exerpt from “The Way” by Michael Berg, Chapter 6 “The Rabbi and the Train”
Admin: Barb Deurwaarder
Music: Lyn Johnson

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The Keys to Spiritual Growth:

1. Everyday is an opportunity for transformation
2. Hear the inner voice
3. All are mirrors
4. Trust the creator
5. Ask for Divine assistance
6. Always being tested
7. Repent with joy
8. Never be satisfied
9. Walk like the blind
10. Use death as motivation
11. Experience the pain as our own
12. Don’t judge others

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