Weekly Gathering 11-8-15

Weekly Gathering 11-8-15

Reverend Jay McCormick was our Minister this week.  His topic:  “The vision of Christ”

What is the most valuable thing in the world? Whatever part of it you look up on with love in your heart.  The value lies in the sight of connection, the sight of innocence, within the mind of the seer and thus in all minds.  When we desire to wake up into God, our sight becomes healed and we see past the form of our world and behold beauty and the Christ in everyone because we see it in our own seeming mind.  When we transfer and extend love without any interference, we open the door of connection.

 Reader: Lyn Johnson, read Chapter 12 ACIM section VI “The Vision of Christ”

 Admin: Barb Deurwaarder

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