Weekly Gathering, 10/18/15

Weekly Gathering, 10/18/15

Allow the Teaching to Work on You

Regina Dawn Akers, minister, reflects on a respected spiritual teacher’s story about reflecting on the teaching. When we listen to his story, we might realize how we can let the teachings work more deeply on us.

Sandy Ruiz reads Untitled True Story About M the Seeker and His Experience of Listening to Talks by Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Barbara Deurwaarder serves as Sanctuary Administrator.

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Story of M the Seeker

Quote from Bentinho Massaro:

Look around you, and marvel at how much importance people give to insignificant things, and how rarely they consider the truly significant things.

Chit-chat, chit-chat.

Distraction here, distraction there.

Marvel at it, giggle rudely or compassionately (either way), and resolve to never drown in the human condition to that degree yourself.

Then love yourself, and them, as a perfect expression of The One.

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