Wednesday’s New Sanctuary Schedule

The Sanctuary will open at 11:15am ET (8:15am Pacific). Our first program begins at 11:30am ET.
Here is a peek at the new Wednesday schedule:
All times are Eastern Time
11:30 AM A Course of Love Study Group Rev Carrie Christiansen
12:30 PM The Weekly Mashup: A Fun and Musical ACIM Weekly Review Laurell Eden
1:00 PM Open for a New Program
2:00 PM Prayer Circle Rev Carrie Christiansen
2:30 PM The Guiding Light Rev Regina Dawn Akers
3:30 PM Awake-Aware-Alive Rev Wayne Stills
4:00 PM Spiritual Reading Shiryl Kaplan & Stephanie Spratt
4:30 PM Spiritual Roundtable Shiryl Kaplan & Stephanie Spratt
5:00 PM Joel Goldsmith Rev Hank Hamilton
6:00 PM I Am That, Nisargadatta Maharaj Revs Deloris Mabins, Jane Polley-Bass, Bart Craig
7:00 PM Awakening To Oneness David Fishman & Shiryl Kaplan
8:00 PM The Different Paths to Truth Rev Aracelly Torres-Champagne
8:30 PM A Journey to Unconditional Love Zita Schmidt
9:00 PM On the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month:
Michael Langford Study Group
Revs Jay McCormick & Regina Dawn Akers
9:00 PM On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month:
NTI Discussion
Revs Regina Dawn Akers, Nancy Sullivan, Stephan Mead
10:00 PM Daily Contemplation Larry Lawhorn
10:30 PM ACIM Hour with Larry Lawhorn Larry Lawhorn
Link to Full Schedule


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