We are Remodeling our Online Sanctuary. Join Us for an Open Discussion & Share Your Ideas – Sunday, Dec 13 at 8pm ET!

In 2016, Awakening Together plans to “remodel” our online Sanctuary by adding more programs that are of interest to you. However, in order to do this we need to know what you’d like to see offered in the Sanctuary.

Some ideas that have already been shared include:

  • More study groups, like the new A Course in Miracles group and the Sufi Contemplation group that starts in January. What study groups would interest you? Paramahansa Yogananda Study Group? Nisargadatta Maharaj Study Group?  NTI?
  • An Awakening Together 12-Steps Group
  • Scheduled meditation time, sometimes guided meditation and sometimes meditation to music.
  • Discussion Group, with a new topic each week to keep the group focused.
  • Mentoring Group, where people can come with their challenges and receive assistance looking at the root cause and learning to let go.

Our Sanctuary is a wonderful opportunity to get together with like-minded friends, share clarity, support one another and grow in spiritual realization. How can we do this best together? We want to hear from you!

Please come to the Sanctuary this Sunday night to share your thoughts and ideas. If you think you don’t have any ideas, come anyway. Once the brainstorming begins an idea may show up for you to share.

The Open Sanctuary Remodeling Forum will be held in the Sanctuary this Sunday, 8pm ET.

See you there!

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