Watch Email for Your Trustee Ballot!

Dear Awakening Together Members,

Our nomination process is over and it is time to vote for new Awakening Together Trustees. This summer we are electing three new trustees. There are five nominees on the ballot. Each member may vote for three nominees, one vote for each available seat on the Board of Trustees.

Once you receive your ballot, you may vote anytime by Monday, July 6. During the open voting period, the following events are planned to help you decide which nominees to vote for:

Friday, June 26 – Pictures and Bios for each of the five nominees will be posted to Awakening Together News. This post will be featured on the Daily Updates. If you do not receive the daily updates you may go to Awakening Together’s website and click Our Current News on the Quick Links menu to view the bios.

Sunday, June 28 – There will be a special member meeting in the Awakening Together Sanctuary from 8-9pm ET. Each of the nominees will be present and will share a little about themselves in this meeting.

Monday, June 29 – The audio recording from the special member meeting will be posted under Featured Talks on Awakening Together’s website. The audio will also be made available on Daily Updates and on the Awakening Together page in Facebook.

Monday, July 6 – Last day to vote.

Be sure to keep the email that you will receive with a link to your ballot. Each member may vote only one time, but you may vote for three nominees when you place your vote.

The Board of Directors & Member Board of Trustees

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