Update on the Project to Purchase an Awakening Together Retreat Center

Update on the Project to Purchase an Awakening Together Retreat Center

Hi Everyone,

Awakening Together has raised over $12,300 in four months since beginning the campaign to raise funds for an Awakening Together Retreat Center near Pueblo, Colorado. We are also watching properties in the Pueblo area, and there are some exciting properties available now.

One very interesting property recently came on the market in Pueblo County. This house has 7 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms in the house and one bedroom above the garage. That’s plenty of space for a caretaker and several guests simultaneously!

The house is in a lovely area south of Pueblo, right in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains. The house also has 3 bathrooms, 10 private acres, and a very large family room (32’ by 14’) for gatherings. The price on this house is low; asking price is only $299,000. And it even has an outdoor hot tub!!

I really like this place. I think it would suit our needs for a Retreat Center really well.

Click here to see the full listing

Please consider donating to the Retreat Center Fundraising Campaign. Your tax refund may provide the perfect opportunity to donate now. Only $650 per member and we would have the money to purchase the house that is featured in this update!

I’d like to share a message to all members from one Awakening Together member. She wrote:

“Regina had mentioned after she got the guidance to start a retreat center, that it was important to act on it, to begin, no matter how small. Along that line, seems like if all of us associated with Awakening Together would join the action toward the retreat center by making a donation (or contributing in some way) each year that it would strengthen the ‘action’. The amount would not be important, more the listening for guidance and following through on it. Just a thought – ignore if you prefer.” ~ Irene Graham

I’ll share what’s in my heart:

I can still feel this guidance in the core of my heart, so I know the Awakening Together Retreat Center will happen. I don’t know when, but I know it is coming. I also don’t know if the money will come from all of us, only a few of us or a source we never imagined. I do know the money will come from the heart, because that is where the guidance is. Therefore, my request is that we all listen to and follow our heart regarding guidance to donate, when to donate and how much. I know that it will all work out perfectly.

Great love,

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