Total Surrender: Die Before You Die (by Bentinho Massaro)

Total Surrender: Die Before You Die (by Bentinho Massaro)

In this video teaching, Bentinho leads viewers on a guided realization experience of “die before you die.” If you give this teaching your full attention, it may take you into the depths of letting go so that you experience total release. If you’ve never been quite sure what “letting go” means, you might learn through your own direct experience as Bentinho guides you through “die before you die.”

The full audio is about 1 hour and 38 minutes long. Try to watch it when you can watch without other distractions.

FYI: Bentinho will be one of the facilitators at Awakening Together’s 2015 Fall Retreat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jan Frazier and Regina Dawn Akers will be the other facilitators. This retreat is a bit unique, because you can choose to come for one facilitator, two or all three.

Click Here for Complete Details on the Fall Retreat

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