Tips From Regina – Tip for Lesson 63:

The purpose of today’s workbook lesson is to motivate us to practice forgiveness. When you allow related thoughts to come to you today, allow the thoughts that motivate you. Maybe your motivation is a little different than ‘salvation of the world.’ That’s ok. Whatever it is, let it come.

For my morning contemplation, I put pen to paper and just let the thoughts come as they did. I wrote that I want what I have always wanted:

1 – Truth.
2 – Purity/Be Only Love.

This was clarifying for me. Sometimes people say they are awakened, and then they do things I do not understand, things that go against my own heart. At this stage, that is all I need to know. What they do goes against my heart. Truth without purity, if that is possible, is not my desire. That does not motivate me. I want truth with purity. I trust that truth with purity, because of what it is, is healing for the world, and I am happy to let that energy flow through me to heal the world.

I have rewritten today’s lesson for me in order to have more motivating power for me. My lesson is:

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. I am the means God has appointed for the salvation of the world. I am purity, pure peace, pure love, truth unadulterated. That is my nature. My nature is realized through forgiveness.

As I look at this, I feel motivated. Each time I say it to myself, my heart opens. It is the right version of today’s lesson for me. Feel free to find the right version of today’s lesson for you. And then, let additional related thoughts come to you throughout the day.

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