Tips from Regina ~ Review Lesson 146

Yesterday my focus was watching for defenses and self-deceptions, that which keeps my attention away from my true Self. I did this because it was a request made in the review instructions. After making that request, the review instructions say:

“And yet, your mind holds only what you think with God. Your self-deceptions cannot take the place of truth. No more than can a child who throws a stick into the ocean change the coming and the going of the tides, the warming of the water by the sun, the silver of the moon on it by night.”

This brings me back to, “My mind holds only what I think with God.” With this in mind, I contemplate today’s review lessons.

No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. Although there are many ideas that distract from truth, they are each temporary. As a stream, they can appear endless. But if I step back from the stream and compare it to the ocean, I see the stream is shallow. It is the great depth of the ocean that calls to me. I shall listen and go where I am called.

I loose the world from all I thought it was. I thought my happiness resided in the world. That is exactly what I thought. That is why it has held my attention for so long. I loose the world from all I thought it was. I give my attention to the depth within.

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