Tips from Regina ~ Review Lesson 142

The instructions for this review period have told us that we will use this review to “concentrate on the readiness for what will follow next.” And then it gave us a central theme to use in that concentration:

My mind holds only what I think with God.

Each day during the review period, be sure to start with five minutes contemplating this thought. You don’t need to write anything about it, although you can if something begins to come that you want to write down. However, be sure to spend five minutes marinating in this thought. Assume that it is preparing you for what will follow next, even if you do not notice the preparation at all.

After you’ve spent five minutes with this initial thought, go on to contemplate the review lessons for the day. As an example, here is my contemplation of today’s review lessons:

I thank my Father for his gifts to me. Those gifts are not the temporary things or experiences that come to me in this lifetime. God’s gifts are never temporary. God’s gifts are the eternal gifts that are always present. I thank my Father for His eternal gifts, and I show appreciation for them by paying attention to them throughout my day.

Let me remember I am one with God. I cannot find God’s gifts by looking for objects that are different from me. God’s gifts are my nature. I will seek what is my nature. If I see something that I can separate from myself, that is not my nature. I cannot ever be separated from my own nature. When I see something that is consistently present and cannot be separated from me ever, I have found my nature. Therefore, I have found my Self and I have found God, for they are one.

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