Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments on Lesson 60: (Review lessons 46-50)

Review 46. God is the Love in which I forgive. I am ready for advanced forgiveness now. Advanced forgiveness is letting go of all ego thought, even that which appears benign and necessary, like thinking through a problem that needs to be solved. Letting go of ego can feel like letting go of ‘me.’ However, the spaciousness in which this happens and the spaciousness that remains when it is done, is what I am. Let me prepare myself for this completion by resting deeply in myself frequently, so that I become familiar and the ego feels strange and out-of-place.

Review 47. God is the strength in which I trust. In order to forgive, I cannot rely on the judgment I have trusted in the past. That judgment is thinking. The mind itself is ego; it calls thinking, ‘me.’ It feels safe with itself. But my error is confusing it with the light that I am. Let me know the light as myself by resting deeply in the light frequently. In the light, I am detached from the mind. In the light, I know myself.

Review 48. There is nothing to fear. All fear comes from the belief that I am the body-mind. The body is vulnerable. The mind can suffer. But I am neither. I am the light that imparts reality, because I am reality itself. Reality is invulnerable to anything that comes and goes with time. Let me know myself by placing attention with myself frequently. As I see what I am as myself, I know there is nothing to fear.

Review 49. God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day. All I need to do is listen. Listening is a simple shift of attention. I shift attention from habitual thinking to that which is in the heart now, from past and future to presently guiding. It is not difficult. All it takes is the desire to leave the ego for truth. Desire paired with trust.

Review 50. I am sustained by the Love of God. Fear of God comes from the belief that I am different than God. In seeing myself as the same, there is nothing to fear. There is mystery, but mystery can be trusted. I rest knowing mystery can be trusted, and I am the light.

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