Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments for review lesson 55: (Review lessons 21-25)

Review 21. I am determined to see things differently: I do not know how enlightenment sees. It seems to me that if I decide on a belief about what enlightenment sees, I may restrict myself to my belief. I do not want to be restricted by my imagination of truth. I want the genuine experience of truth. Therefore, my strategy for ‘seeing’ is this:

I will continually increase my focus on God, while simultaneously letting go of everything in me that I recognize as not God. As I take care of myself in this way, I trust seeing will take care of itself.

Review 22. What I see is a form of vengeance: What I see has changed, because my mind—my attention—has changed. My seeing is more joyous and more reverent than before.

I spontaneously notice the majestic power of a bird’s flapping wings as it passes overhead, and it takes my breath away. I hear silence amidst the sounds of this world and feel its peace in my heart. I see ‘problems’ as temporary and life as unending.

Where is there room for improvement?

I see life as busy. I see humans creating their own busyness unnecessarily. I realize I am caught in this cycle. Busyness needs to be questioned, because it keeps us centered in the world instead of in God.

What I see is a form of busyness. ~ha ha~ Okay, this tells me what I need to work on, and so I will.

Review 23. I can escape from this world by giving up attack thoughts: I want to put more focus on God. I can feel this in the core of my being.

I recently had a dream that showed I want to take the solitary trek to God, but I am allowing myself to be pulled back into the world by ‘others.’

Do I want to take the solitary trek that is calling me?

Am I willing to give up what I think others want in order to do this?

Review 24. I do not perceive my own best interests: The ego is willing to hi-jack this calling for aloneness with God. It is eager to plan my escape. I cannot think about how I will take this solitary trek, because ego will be in the thinking. My best guidance is to say ‘yes,’ and then remain present for in-the-moment intuition as it occurs. It knows the way. Thinking does not.

Review 25. I do not know what anything is for. Therefore, I cannot judge. To judge is to invest in ignorance. To be, is to be centered in wisdom

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