Tips From Regina – Regina’s personal comments for Lesson 59: (Review lessons 41-45)

Review 41. God goes with me wherever I go. The ego does too. This is because both are in my mind. One is my true Self. The other is an imposter, a habit. Am I ready to break this entrenched habit? What do I want for myself?

Review 42. God is my strength. Vision is His gift. The ego’s resistance feels strong, but it is not my strength. If I give into the pull of habit, I am weakened. The ego confuses weakness for strength. However, I know the strength of God, so I am not confused. Let me choose the quiet strength of God over the noisy weakness of ego.

Review 43. God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him. I am at home in my heart. I am myself as God’s quiet strength. Let me rest deeply within myself frequently, so that I become familiar and the ego feels strange and out-of-place.

Review 44. God is the light in which I see. The ego confuses thinking with seeing, but thinking is not seeing. Thinking is attention on the box. The box is blindness. Seeing comes through openness, through open awareness. Only openness can see. Decided is blind, and all thinking is full of ‘decided’.

Review 45. God is the Mind with which I think. My real thoughts are a way of being. My real thoughts are all-is-well (peace), open-embracing-acceptance (love), freedom—a sense of soaring from within (joy), intimacy with everything (oneness), and compassion for anyone who suffers from ignorance. I am the heart of God. Thinking is being my Self.

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